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Confession .230. I’m Drawn To The Unknown, Where Shadows Hide…

The endless of darkness is hovering
The sound of the silence is deafening
Ten billion decibels shattering

Confession .230.  I'm Drawn To The Unknown, Where Shadows Hide...

People ask me sometimes why i withdraw from people and places that i used to frequent and enjoy being around.  Most of the time, my answers to this question are varied, and can sometimes be an over-reaction to a perception i have about a P/person or situation.  Today, though, today was different.

Just about the only two things i have left in this sim are dance and being useful.  And today, You took one of those things away from me.  Whether deliberate or not, i’m not sure You realize just how useless You made me feel in that moment.

i’m not sure how perpetuating a feeling of uselessness is supposed to encourage my being around more often.  That seems kind of backwards to me.

You had my consent.  You also know how deeply i desire to help O/others.  And yet all of that was ignored, my purpose taken from me, and then You wonder why i don’t hang around.

If i want S/someone to make me feel worthless, for one thing i would have stayed in the last situation i was in, and for another thing, i can just spend more time inside my own head.  i have an abundance of that worthlessness feeling that i try to keep away from… i don’t need it from other people too.

So i think i’ll just go back to hiding in my garden and playing with furniture.  You’ve proven to me that my service is no longer needed, nor wanted.  And if my service is no longer needed nor wanted, then neither is my presence.

Usually when i credit in here, i’ll list what something is, and then what it’s called.  Like, “Dress – Susie Dress (Teal)”.  In this case, like with my last decor post a few days ago, with all the different furniture and clutter, i’m just going to list what everything is called and where it’s from.  i dont need to tell you it’s a book, you can very clearly see that.  *laughs*  i hope this list isn’t too terribly confusing.

Winter’s Treasures Upcycled Shutter Table | Dust Bunny
Winter’s Treasures Candy Cane Mug | Dust Bunny
Winter’s Treasures Syrup Dispenser | Dust Bunny
Winter’s Treasures Tea Kettle | Dust Bunny
Winter’s Treasures Marshmellow Jar | Dust Bunny
Winter’s Treasures Smores Jar | Dust Bunny
Winter’s Treasures Mug Tree (Type B) | Dust Bunny
Lighted Holiday Wreath (Flocked) | hive | Uber | new!
Holiday Garland Bottom Arc (Flocked) | hive | Uber | new!
Sleeping Highland | Dust Bunny & O.M.E.N.
Sleigh Bed | Dust Bunny & O.M.E.N.
Leather Moccasins | Apple Fall
Bea Reading Chair (Canvas) | Apple Fall
Winter’s Treasures Miniature Village Shelf (x2) | Dust Bunny
Holiday Garland Straight (Flocked) (x2) | hive | Uber | new!
Winter Decor Lighted Female Deer | Dust Bunny
Winter Decor Lighted Male Deer | Dust Bunny
Alpine Christmas Tree (Decorated) | Dust Bunny
* Merry Christmas (Cherrywood) | The Forge | Arcade | new!
* The Essential Futon | Stockholm & Lima
Riley Media Laptop | The Loft & Aria
* Bauble Lantern (Brass) | The Forge | Arcade | new!
* Xmas Platter RARE | The Forge | Arcade | new!
Period Coffee Table | Apple Fall
Winter Decor Lighted Baby Deer | Dust Bunny
Spotted Begonia | Dust Bunny
Blossom’s Fur Rug | Kalopsia
Khotan Rug | Consignment & floorplan
Damask Wall Panel (x5) | Fancy Decor

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Blogging Tune || “Astronomical” – Svrcina

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