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Confession .364. I Feel Safe In The 5AM Light…

Jump into the heat
Spinnin’ on our feet
In a technicolour beat…
You and me
Caught up in a dream
In a technicolour beat…

Confession .364.  I Feel Save In The 5AM Light...

I’m in another kinda state where I want to post this photo, but I don’t know what to write, so I’m going to write you the same thing I’ve written on Facebook today, as well as in my journal.

I pull Tarot every day for myself. Just a single card, and I look it up in my guide book. I don’t really know how much stock I place in it… like I wouldn’t be devastated and think my life was ruined if I pulled a bad card or anything, but sometimes it makes sense with what’s going on in my life at the time and gives me something to tilt my head and be like “Hmm” about.

Today, while I was shuffling, 4 cards jumped out of my hand. I don’t know a lot about Tarot, but I know enough from friends that if that happens, they did it for a reason, so I pulled all 4 cards today.

The first card was Death. It came up reversed, and I’m not sure what that means, but the actual meaning of the death card is that something needs to end so that your life can change for the better. It doesn’t point to what area of your life that thing is in (like financially, romantically, etc.) but just something.

Two of the other cards were about financial changes, and since I’m trying to find a new job, I’m hoping that that might mean something good for those prospects. Again, I’m not placing a lot of stock in it, but it was still nice to be like, “Hmm maybe.” And it’s definitely motivation to put in a little more extra effort in the coming week with my applications.

The fourth card that popped up was The Emperor. Which is LITERALLY The Father. My book talks about the metaphorical meaning of the card, but then also mentions it could be a literal interpretation of a paternal relationship… which made me just kinda look at the ceiling like, “Ok, I get it, you’re here.”

The other thing that happened was when I made coffee today. I have Hazelnut coffee because it’s the flavor I can tolerate that was available when I did my grocery order. Usually I get mocha or vanilla, but both were out, so I got Hazelnut . That’s what dad drank. NEVER BEFORE has that smell been so strong as when I brewed the pot that I did before that show today. Just further sign to me that, ok… he’s here and he’s paying attention.

It was both a comfort and a trigger for a small breakdown. (I’m fine now.)

Shape || Mine
Head || EvoX Briannon Head (v3.0) | Lelutka
Skin || Briana Skin (Shell Tone) | Heaux
* Eyeshadow || Jesse Smokey Eye (Vibrant) | Dotty’s Secret | Blanc | new!
* Inner Corner || Inner Corner Highlight (Neutral) | Dotty’s Secret | Blanc | new!
* Eyeliner || The Liner (Vol 1) | Dotty’s Secret | Evolve Event | recent!
Freckles || Tintable Freckles | +FATHER+
* Hair || Otome (Misc HUD) | Stealthic | Crystal Heart Festival | new!
Collar || Eternal Collar | Cae

Pose || Portrait 4m | FoxCity

Blogging Tune || “Technicolor Beat” – Oh Wonder

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