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Confession .234. I See That Look In Your Eyes, It Makes Me Go Blind…

Feel the fury closing in, all resistance wearing thin
Nowhere to run from all of this havoc
Nowhere to hide from all of this madness, madness, madness
Madness, Madness, Madness

Confession .234.  I See That Look In Your Eyes, It Makes Me Go Blind...

This song!  Then again, i find myself obsessed with just about everything Ruelle, Svercina, and Fleurie lately… which is alllll Nova’s fault for getting me into Shadowhunters in the first place.  Powerful, dramatic music with even more powerful female vocals… *swoons*

So much so i’m putting this particular song on stage in January!

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Confession .233. Imagine A World Like That…

We go like up til i’m sleep on Your chest
Love how my face fits so good in Your neck
Why can’t You imagine a world like that?

Confession .233.  Imagine A World Like That...

Lord.  i took this photo Christmas Eve, edited it Christmas morning, and then didn’t get to post it until right now.  i’m doing this thing where i’m trying to focus more in the moment when i’m with someone/doing something rather than multitasking with 600 things, and honestly it’s been so good.

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Confession .232. Thinkin’ I’m Flawed Because You Inconsistent…

Do You know what You’re doin?
Whose feelings that You’re hurtin’ and bruisin’?
You gon gain the whole world, but is it worth the girl that You losin’?
Be careful with me…

Confession .232.  Thinkin' I'm Flawed Because You Inconsistent...

i’m still alive, i promise.  i’ve just been pledging and unable to change out of my uniform for the most part.  But after having most of my individual stuff done, i got permission to change to bring you this outfit today, so thank the Big Sisters.  -laughs-

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Confession .231. Is There A Way Out?

Did W/we light too many matches?
Turn O/ourselves into these ashes?
Did W/we throw it all away?
Did W/we throw it all away?

Confession .231.  Is There A Way Out?

I’m usually anti anything having to do with the Youtube algorithm, because of how often it screws over some of my favorite creators, but i DO have to say that the mixes it makes for me based on stuff i’ve listened to and stuff that it thinks sound similar are absolute fire.  (No pun intended…)

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