Peace On Earth Hunt 13

Last Updated: December 1st, 2020

You wait for it every year, the most anticipated grid-wide hunt of the Holiday season, you chomp at the bit as midnight December 1st approaches, and here we have it! It’s December 1st, and you know what that means.. you can start hunting!

Also, this year as with the last couple of years, there is *no distance requirement*, so you may have to look further into the store – though, as always, Designers were asked to keep things ‘reasonable’. Also, to help you out in your search, Hints are mandatory, and hint givers are attached to the kiosks this year so they will be easier to find. You will have some guidance, I promise!

Welcome to the 13th year of Peace On Earth, and thank you for your excitement each year. You, and the generous Designers, are the reasons we continue to do this hunt.

** As a special note for 2020, we all know the kind of crazy year it’s been. Just as it has been hectic for us in our real lives, so has it be hectic in the real lives of our Designers. There are more Skips than usual this year, mostly due to circumstances beyond everyone’s control. Please keep this in mind and be gentle with each other, the Designers, and our Hunt Staff. Be excellent to each other, and enjoy POE! **

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#01: Park Place Home
Hint: You’ll find me in Wilmington

#02: Aphrodite Shop
Hint: Safe from the snow, up in a Pavillion (outside)

#03: MOoH!
Hint: Ride this train to Santa

#04: Mara’s Mysteries
Hint: Relax in the chair next to the Christmas Tree

#05: Wendy’s Whimsy
Hint: I wish I had such pretty wings!

#06: Grumble
Hint: Just wear an ugly Christmas sweater

#07: Beloved Jewelry
Hint: Globes Look Nice on Tables.

#08: LUNA Body Art
Hint: I want cookies too!

#09: Wilson’s Designs
Hint: No Body Puts Baby in the Corner

#10: SKIP

#11: Tidbits
Hint: “Never put bananas in the refrigerator.”

#12: Jezzixa Cazalet for Prism Designs
Hint: Soft and warm, there is nothing like a fur stole.

#13: Tipster’s
Hint: Cheers!

#14: Dench Designs
Hint: Don’t you just love the sound of the Piano

#15: Alli & Ali Designs
Hint: On the info desk behind the bloggers sign

#16: EscalateD
Hint: Come have a seat and check out some seasonal stuff

#17: Ink Blots
Hint: TIS THE SEASON for the POE Hunt!!

#18: ~Lantian Flox~
Hint: The Earth is nestled amongst the greenery

#19: Prim Pile Creations
Hint: Are you on Santa’s naughty or nice list? He is checking it now, you may want to get a look at it

Hint: Between chewing gum balls, you will find the globe ball

#21: Poses With Attitude
Hint: Isn’t the tree lovely?

#22: Glitterati by Sapphire
Hint: Siren of the Sea holds the key to the treasure

#23: Ashbury
Hint: Something is NEW in the corner

#24: SKIP

#25: Purple Moon Seasonal Decorations
Hint: To the Moon…

#26: Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
Hint: If Ieva need some peace and quiet, this is the place!

#27: Zickenkiste
Hint: Have a purrfect christmas

#28: [CIRCA] Living
Hint: I’m hiding with all the wonderful things you give on Xmas morning!

#29: LoveCat Store
Hint: Legend has it that a beautiful kitten hid your gift. 🙂

#30: Palette
Hint: Oh Christmas Tree

#31: SANNA Science and Art
Hint: I want Gifts but not only for Christmas ! (main entrance)

#32: %Percent Furniture & Lighting
Hint: Would you like some cream and sugar with your espresso?

#33: Sassy Brats
Hint: I bet she is dreaming of Santa!

#34: SKIP

#35: Lyrical B!zarre Templates
Hint: Hunt at your own risk – unable to verify hint in time allotted

#36: Eclectic Stars
Hint: Cold weather = sweater weather!

#37: NUTS Inc.
Hint: Vince comes in standard sizes only!

#38: Fantasy China
Hint: (in the Home & Garden Emporium) infront of any black wall you can find a white heart

#39: Z.O.E.
Hint: Who even has a closet big enough for this thing??

#40: Ever Green
Hint: One a Day keeps the Doctor away

#41: Eclectica
Hint: Dance!

#42: Simple Terms
Hint: I look a bit like Saturn, but my ring is in the wrong direction.

#43: PixelArt Pose Props
Hint: Say Cheese!

#44: SKIP

#45: AlaFolie
Hint: she jealously guards him

#46: Always Design
Hint: I have the best place to watch you

#47: Modern Nostalgia
Hint: Going Up?

#48: SKIP

#49: @home
Hint: Things end but memories last forever.

#50: Couture Chapeau
Hint: The more we are together, the merrier we shall be

#51: MystRie
Hint (Female): Hanging out by the Jester’s Hatter
Hint (Male): I have a great vantage point from here.

#52: Eye Candi
Hint: I love New York

#53: Timeless Textures
Hint: I really feel like I’m in my ELEMENT here.

#54: SKIP

#55: Art & Fashion
Hint: Look for a Red Butterfly inside the store and you will have your Gift! (The object is still a globe)

#56: Zinner Shapes & Gallery
Hint: I live in a tropical country with a wonderful sea.

#57: PeachyKeen Gachas
Hint: Is That Chestnuts Roasting I smell?

#58: Ari-Pari
Hint: Look for the rainbow tree… that’s where you’ll find me!

#59: SKIP

#60: SKIP

#61: Good Vibes
Hint: Green Snowflake

#62: SKIP

#63: The Bold Llama T-Shirt Co.
Hint: Christmas, it’s a gift