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Confession .160. It’s Funny How A Crowded Room Can Feel So Damn Alone…

These days are slow, but the night moves way too fast
Need to know You want me here before I ask…

I went to Tannenbaum for a tree… I literally just went for the tree… and wound up with the tree, the decorations… the hair… the face makeup… and other stuff that I’m not even wearing at the moment.

And all I did was go for a damn tree.

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Confession .159. But If You Keep Second Guessing Then There’s Only Gonna Be One End…

So I’ve been thinking that I think too much
And I can’t sleep, but I can dream of us
And I’ve been seeing shit like horror cuts
It’s burning down… I gotta drown this out…
And You said You need me to let this go
But it’s who I am, or am I just losing it?
Cause You said ‘jump’ and I went first, but falling’s always been my downfall…

I don’t really know what to say in this post… which is ironic because I’ve been offline for almost a week, so there should be lots to say, right?  Like, I’m behind…

But I dunno… I just got home from a mini vacation to Mississippi this weekend, so maybe there are some stories to talk about there.

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Confession. 158. Sweet Silver Bells…

One seems to hear words of good cheer
From everywhere, filling the air
Oh, how they pound, raising the sound
O’er hill and dale, telling their tale…

Yep, it’s a Christmas Carol.  Don’t judge me.

It’s really hard to get me in the “Christmas Spirit”, however… a good Lindsey Stirling version of a classic will at least make me smile.  And if you scroll down to the end of this post and listen to it, I think you’ll see what I mean.

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