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Confession .368. Today It’s As Dark As My Roots…

Now all of my oceans have riptides
Can’t seem to find what’s wrong
The whole world is letting me down…

Confession .368.  Today It's As Dark As My Roots...

My avatar is a bit of a mood ring for me, sometimes. I’m so used to changing everything as often as I feel like – a simple scroll back through my Flickr feed will show you how often I change my avatar. Lol.

Some of that is perhaps a bit of a rebellion based on my time in the SL Modeling ‘industry’, that basically screamed at me “Your face is your brand” and how you HAD to stay the same… but it just never sat right with me.

How can you be keeping up with trends and even pushing them if you aren’t allowed to keep yourself up-to-date with the technology involved.

In RL – sure – you wouldn’t drastically change yourself all the time, but in Second Life, where the technology is ever-evolving and changing and the residents around us are EMBRACING it… then how can the modeling ‘industry’ profess to be setting and following trends if they can’t even keep up-to-date with the residents they’re supposedly supposed to be influencing?

Like when mesh heads first came out, we were forbidden from using them. Because they would ‘change’ your face too much. It wasn’t until they became popular with EVERYONE ELSE that we were allowed to start using them.

Then when Bento heads became a thing and you could adjust the mesh with the sliders now, you’d think the modeling world would’ve embraced that instantly, but no… even that was still a fight.

The modeling ‘industry’ of Second Life, at least while I was a part of it and now from the outside looking in, has always – ironically – been behind most of the trends in Second Life. As a consumer, I have always been influenced more by Bloggers than I have by Models.

Even when I was a model myself, I was finding inspiration and pieces from Bloggers more often than I was taking inspiration from my fellow models.

But the part that confuses me the most in all this is that SO MANY models hold themselves to this air of being better than everyone else, just because they’re ‘models’ within a virtual world. It was a lot worse when I was in that circle, but some STILL behave that way and it’s just… embarrassing, if I’m honest.

Like, I’m genuinely ASHAMED most of the time to admit that I was ever a model in Second Life just because of what most of the ‘general population’ of Second Life think of them.

And that’s those that even know they exist. A lot don’t. That’s how irrelevant it’s become.

I mean… I’m sorry if my opinions come across harshly… it’s not meant that way. It’s just… honesty. Based on my experiences as a Consumer, a Blogger, and a former Model.

Some need to remove the sticks that have been lodged so far for so long. Half the grid doesn’t know you exist and most of the other half doesn’t care. You’re just a resident like the rest of us.

Start acting like it, please.

Shape || Mine
Head || EvoX Briannon Head (v3.0) | Lelutka
Skin || Briana Skin (Shell Tone) | Heaux
Eyes || Innocence Eyes | Avi-Glam
* Eyeshadow || Kai Eyeshadow | Dotty’s Secret Cosmetics | Anthem | new!
* Lipstick || Lucid (Blues) | Dotty’s Secret Cosmetics
Freckles || Tintable Freckles | +FATHER+
Hair || Sophie Hairstyle (Deluxe HUD) | Doux
Collar || Eternal Collar | Cae

Blogging Tune || “Mood Ring” – Lorde

One thought on “Confession .368. Today It’s As Dark As My Roots…

  1. the most accurate rant ever about sl models..and i am within that world and its not changed one bit ..loved the post dont change xxx


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