Designer/Event Partnerships

Last Edit: July 21st, 2021

These are partnerships that I have with Designers who make review copies of products available to me to utilize in my blogposts.  Other bloggers might call these “sponsors”, however, this terminology doesn’t sit well with me.  This isn’t a passive process for the Designer at all.  They don’t just throw things at me and do nothing.  We are partners in this.  Designers support their bloggers, and bloggers advertise for these Designers.  A Partnership.  (Sponsorship also implies payment, and i am in no way PAID to promote any of these Designs.)

At least, to me, anyway…

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Dotty’s Secret
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Mermaid Cove by Flair for Events (2019 & 2021)

Moon Amore
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Summer Camp by Flair for Events (2021)
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Truth Hair
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