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Confession .246. And You Left Me…

Standing on the corner crying, feeling like a fool for trying
i don’t even remember why i wasted all these tears on You
i wish i could erase O/our memory cause You didn’t give a damn about me
Oh, i’m finally through wasting all these tears on You

Confession .246.  And You Left Me...

The other day, Someone from my past popped back up in my life very unexpectedly.  And like… as much as i want to altruistically believe in harmless intentions for P/people, this seems to be what bites me in the ass more times than not.  There’s just no way that it was all a coincidence.  Malicious or not, it was still purposeful.  And it’s really gotten me back inside my head a bit further than i like to be.  Let me explain…

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Confession .245. Actions Speak Louder Than Words Do, It’s Pretty Quiet, Isn’t It?

Yeah, they say when we grow up
You’ll understand when you’re older
Guess i’m still a kid, i don’t know if
if i’ll ever let go of this…

Confession .245.  Actions Speak Louder Than Words Do, It's Pretty Quiet, Isn't It?

Taking advantage of finally having some up-time from my connection by taking another photo and trying to get this post up.  Lol.  i promise i’m gonna keep trying to get as much done as i can during the times i can connect.  i feel terrible, because “Level 1” Tech Support people can’t really do anything about this issue but make a notation on the account that i called again, but i finally kinda lost my shit when i called yesterday.  Poor guy.  But maybe when he writes down just how upset i was, the rest of the techs will take the issue seriously.

Anyway… occasionally i find a song that speaks to me in such a way that there aren’t any supplemental words i can provide that i feel will communicate better than the lyrics themselves do.  Today is one of those days, so the content of today’s blog post are the lyrics to this song.  And i hope Y/you enjoy.  ♥

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Confession .244. I Didn’t Wanna Lose My Friends, But Now It’s Hard To Even Find Them…

But i miss me more
i miss my own beat, to my own snare drum
i miss me more
Miss my own sheets in the bed i made up
i forgot i had dreams, i forgot i had wings
Forgot who i was before i ever kissed You
Yeah, i thought i’d miss You
But i miss me more

Confession .244.  I Didn't Wanna Lose My Friends, But Now It's Hard To Even Find Them...

It’s going on 2 months now that i’ve been having these issues with my ISP.  For those that don’t know, i’m having a very strange error where my ISP just doesn’t want to communicate back with SL when it’s logging in, forcing me to get stuck at “Waiting for Region Handshake”.  i have tried everything suggested by Google, tech-savvy friends, and 5 separate tech support professionals from my ISP, have had the connection physically looked at, and have had the modem replaced, to no avail.  i’ve been saying for 2 months now that it sounds internal on their end, but what do i know, right?

Either way, the only way i can log on during those times that the connection is throwing its temper tantrum is to set up a hotspot on my phone and connect to that (something else that tells me it’s an internal issue with their network, because connecting to another network works just fine… so it’s not my computer, my connection, etc).  But of course, doing this requires using data, which is not unlimited.  And the connection strength is terrible so i cannot do a lot of the things i would normally do when connected – like take photos.  i’m getting so sick of getting the run around ANY TIME i call in to tell them that no, sitting around on their asses doing absolutely nothing does not, in fact, solve my problem… but i’m pretty much at the point now where all i can do is just continue to call them ANY time it goes down for even so much as an hour, let alone the times it’s down for days on end, to let them know that it is, in fact, a problem, and one they need to fix.

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