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Confession .367. You Get Back What You Put In…

Cycles, Change
Completion of a Cycle
Positive change, End of delays, A lucky break

Confession .367.  You Get Back What You Put In...

The Wheel of Fortune card allows you to gain a deeper understanding of life’s cycles of change. Its imagery has mystical, astrological, and occult symbolism, showing that many of the forces influencing our lives are mysterious and invisible.

The wheel appears to float through the clouds, indicating that our spiritual path is connected to the physical realm.

We all must embrace the temporary nature of each moment. Change is the only true constant.

Cultivating a strong spiritual practice can ease negative moments, help us enjoy the positive moments, and empower us to navigate the uncertain and challenging moments in our lives. By understanding the cycles of life on a deeper level, we build our own strength and resilience.

The Wheel of Fortune asks you to focus on what you can control in order to find peace within the uncertainty of change and to let go of anything you cannot control. By doing this, you open yourself up to fated events and meetings without forcing your fate. What is meant for you will not miss you!

(From Guided Tarot for Seamless Readings by Stefanie Caponi.)

Shape || Mine
Head || EvoX Briannon Head (v3.0) | Lelutka
Skin || Briana Skin (Shell Tone) | Heaux
Hair || Tini Hairstyle (Deluxe HUD) | Doux | Level Event
Dress || Gwen Dress | {le fil casse} | Equal 10
Collar || Eternal Collar | Cae
Tarot Cards || Sybil Tarot Cards (displaying Wheel of Fortune) | Ladybird

Location || Deer River
– Deer River is a Fall themed sim celebrating the rich hues of the Autumn. Visit the small fishing town, the campsite, enjoy a warm drink at the waterfall and ride Teegle horses around the region. You may rez poses and props with group tag. Made open to us by Kess Massimo.

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