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Lately I Been, I Been Losing Sleep (POE Preview Post #1!)

Counting Stars(Lately I been, I been prayin’ hard…)

God it’s good to be back.

For those who were not aware, I’ve been moving for most of November… it’s been an insane process, packing everything I own and moving roughly 700 miles away from the only state I’ve ever lived in.  The positive points of this are that I’m close to my grandparents for the first time in a long time.  (They used to spend summers up in Indiana, but stopped doing that a couple years ago.)  ALSO, I just moved from Indiana to Alabama… I can say GOODBYE to snow and sub-zero weather.  Believe it or not, it does still get kinda cold here… the 40’s and the 50’s do exist down here.  But this waking up with it being 25 below 0 trying to scrape frozen ice off my car in the snow… NO MORE!

Thank god.  I will miss the IDEA of snow, but I will certainly not miss dealing with it.

Thank you to those of you who have been bearing with me in my various stages of having no internet, crappy internet… no computer… a crappy laptop… and now finally being back to normal.  Your patience means the world to me.  A rather giant middle finger in the air to those of you who seem to forget that RL ALWAYS COMES FIRST.  Your lack of patience and understand has earned you nothing but a ‘fuck you’ and a sad shake of the head, to allow yourself to get so wrapped up in a program to actually think YOU should be more important to me than getting my real life sorted.

Nice try.

Counting Stars(Everything that kills me makes me feel alive…)

I’ll have some fantastic stories about my moving experience in further blog posts… promise.  Including first impressions of a Northern implant in the South… where grammar doesn’t really exist, no one uses turn signals, and most non-chain-corporation businesses SHUT DOWN for lunch hour.

One of the first things I came back  online to were announcements about the Peace on Earth 6 Hunt.  I’m SO excited to have been chosen as an Official POE6 Blogger, and then later to have been allowed the privilege of being Sequoia’s Personal Assistant.  The blogger platform opened today for those of us to grab our items to start blogging, and the MOMENT I saw the ad picture for this dress on the box, I KNEW it was going to be the first piece I was going to blog.  This is Romance Couture’s gown for the hunt… and dammit it’s GORGEOUS.  The jewelry I chose to go with it… Vintage Jewels is my new LOVE.  They are a sponsor for my upcoming graduation show for Mimmi Boa, and I loved the Valentine set in Ruby and Gold that I’m wearing for that show that I went and bought it in Platinum and Sapphire, specifically for this post.

I communicate heavily in music, especially when words fail me, and this gown reminded me of a song I’ve been listening to a lot lately (especially since it plays a lot on one of the only decent radio stations I’ve found down here so far), so I linked it below for you.  It helps that the song is called “Counting Stars” and the gown is the “Starlight” gown… but there’s a lot of awesome lyrics in there… like the following line:

“I feel somethin’ so right doin’ the wrong thing; I feel somethin’ so wrong doin’ the right thing…”

Story of my life. Please and thank you.

Counting Stars(Young, but I’m not that bold… and I don’t think the world is sold on  just doin’ what we’re told…)

Another rather appropriate line: “Everything that drowns me makes me wanna fly.”  I feel like this describes my life right where it is at the moment.

I mean… I’m a stubborn pain in the ass.  I’m pretty sure that much is obvious to anyone who’s known me for any great length of time.  But the thing about being an extremely stubborn and determined person means that when you try to keep me down, I’m just going to fight like hell to get back up.  I lost that side of me for awhile… I really did… and it feels so good to sorta be gaining my fight back, so to speak.

I probably should’ve realized that something about me was different back in September, when I did my live audition for Miss Virtual World.  There were A LOT of amazing girls there.  And there were so few spots left.  I knew I had done everything I could possibly do this year to try and earn my spot among the Misses.  Did I get that spot?  No, not this year.  However, I could honestly walk away knowing there was NOTHING else I could do, no better effort I could’ve made.  I should’ve felt amazing.  But I didn’t.  I was SO down on myself.  Looking back on it… it was kinda pathetic.  And I apologize if any of you were subjecting to my emo moment. *Chuckles*

It wasn’t really until this past Sunday that things clicked with me. I just recently did my first show with Opium Evolution, and in the Skype call with Anastacia Markova (Agency owner and CEO) and a few others afterwards, we were talking about beauty pageants.  And the more Ana said that so many of these girls define their worth as a model by how well they do in these contests… the more I realized I’d become that person, even if temporarily, during MVW.  It was kinda the kick in the ass I needed.  (Thanks, Ana.)

Slowly but surely, I’m regaining my fight.  I will be back to the same old stubborn pain in the ass you’re all used to before you know it.

Better look out.  😛

POE6 POSTER Image(The gown I’m wearing will be available as a part of the Peace On Earth hunt, beginning December 1st, 2013!)

*~* Lately I Been, I Been Losing Sleep *~*

Shape: MINE!
Skin: Cleo (Arctic; Clean version) – Glam Affair
Eyes: Lovers eye (Baby Blue) – theSkinnery  *~*rigged mesh*~*
Hair: Diavolo (Silver) – Vanity Hair  *~*non-rigged mesh*~*
Eyeliner: Liner Pack 1 (Liner 3 thin) – DAMNED Bodyshop
Blush: Starry Starry Night (Blush Only layer) – Madrid Solo
Lipstick: Totemic (Lips Only layer) – Madrid Solo
Gown: Starlight Gown – Romance Couture (see Hunter’s Guide for SLURLs to all POE stores) *~*partial rigged mesh*~*
Floating Stars Headpiece: Starlight Gown – Romance Couture (see Hunter’s Guide for SLURLs to all POE stores)
Heels (not seen): Grace Sandals (Mirror) – Gos Boutique  *~*rigged mesh*~*
Hands: Avatar Enhancement Hands (Elegant I) – Slink  *~*rigged mesh*~*
Nails Applier: French Manicure Pastels Set – Nailed It (slink applier HUD & mesh nail capability!)
Choker/Necklace: Valentine Necklace (Platinum & Sapphire) – Vintage Jewels
Earrings: Valentine Earrings (Platinum & Sapphire) – Vintage Jewels
Bracelet: Valentine Bracelet (Platinum & Sapphire) – Vintage Jewels
Ring: Valentine Ring (Platinum & Sapphire) – Vintage Jewels
Monroe Piercing: Diamond Monroe Piercing – envi
ose: from the Diosaharu Set – *PosESioN*

Blogging Tune: