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Confession .350. But She Gets The Flowers, Right?

But she gets the flowers, right?
The posts made about her
A love that is perfect
A love I deserved, yeah
A love that I gave…

Confession .350.  But She Gets The Flowers, Right?

It’s interesting, talking to people all over again. Back to square one, getting to know them, having to out all of those things that He used to accept about me and wonder if a new person will walk away. Or if I’ll fuck it up and push them away before I can get hurt.

Cause, you know, I’m really good at that…

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Confession .349. I Don’t Wanna Lose Control…

Trying everyday when I hold my breath
Spinning out in space
Pressing on my chest
I don’t wanna lose control…

Confession .349.  I Don't Wanna Lose Control...

I feel like they borked my brain when they did both surgeries that I’ve had in the last three months. I have zero inspiration for much of anything, I’m tired all the time, and I just have, like, zero attention span.

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