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Confession .352. Cause You’re Amazing Just The Way You Are…

Oh, you know, you know
You know I’d never ask you to change
If perfect’s what you’re searchin’ for, then just stay the same…

Confession .352.  Cause You're Amazing Just The Way You Are...

It WOULD be Pride that gets me back into being inspired for photos. The support of all of these creative talents in our little virtual world just amazes me, and I feel the need to showcase them, as they support me and others like me during this time. ♥

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Confession .351. Yeah, I Know How To Scream My Own Name…

I take it nice and slow, feeling good on my own
Without you, yeah (hey)
Got me speaking in tongues, the beautiful it comes
Without you, yeah (hey)…

Confession .351.  Yeah, I Know How To Scream My Own Name...

Happy Pride! ♥ I’m still a little MIA right now, but I had to come back and take a photo with some of the L$99 items that Designers have out at their mainstores for Pride At Home!

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Confession .233. Imagine A World Like That…

We go like up til i’m sleep on Your chest
Love how my face fits so good in Your neck
Why can’t You imagine a world like that?

Confession .233.  Imagine A World Like That...

Lord.  i took this photo Christmas Eve, edited it Christmas morning, and then didn’t get to post it until right now.  i’m doing this thing where i’m trying to focus more in the moment when i’m with someone/doing something rather than multitasking with 600 things, and honestly it’s been so good.

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Confession .230. I’m Drawn To The Unknown, Where Shadows Hide…

The endless of darkness is hovering
The sound of the silence is deafening
Ten billion decibels shattering

Confession .230.  I'm Drawn To The Unknown, Where Shadows Hide...

People ask me sometimes why i withdraw from people and places that i used to frequent and enjoy being around.  Most of the time, my answers to this question are varied, and can sometimes be an over-reaction to a perception i have about a P/person or situation.  Today, though, today was different.

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Confession .229. Integrity, Faith, and Crocodile Tears…

i can’t breathe, i can’t be
i can’t be what You want me to be
Believe me this one time
Believe me

Confession .229.  Integrity, Faith, and Crocodile Tears...

When it gets cold in the South, that’s when you know winter is ‘officially’ here.  When i, in Southern Alabama, get cold, that means it’s winter.  -laughs-  And my favorite Papillon market sim just changed over to winter and snow this week as well, so that’s what came as the inspiration for this photo.

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Confession .168. I’ll Use You As A Warning Sign…

I’ll use you as a makeshift gauge
Of how much to give and how much to take…

Confession .168.  I'll Use You As A Makeshift Gauge...

Don’t ask about the concept behind this picture.  It makes sense in my head.  *laughs*

But it IS in the same room as the last one.  Sorry, not sorry.

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Confession .167. What Being Dumped Feels Like…

And so it seems, I broke your heart
My ignorance has struck again
I failed to see it from the start
And tore you open til the end…

I didn’t intend for this, “What ___ feels like” to become a mini series on my blog.  I only meant to show you guys how anxiety affects me, and how I personally handle my Asperger’s… however it seems that circumstances lately are begging for another to be written.

I also didn’t intend to blog this photo.  There’s nothing new in here, except the skin, and you can’t really see the face detail to make that relevant.  Haha.  But I took it for a photo contest and really liked how it turned out… so I censored the breast area and figured it was as good a photo as any to write this particular post.

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