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Confession .276. And It Means Nothing Til You Let It…

Cause i used to defy gravity, defy gravity
Goodbyes keep dragging me down…
And i’m fighting gravity, defying gravity
i’ve tried but i keep falling, cause falling’s easy
But it only brings You down…

Confession .276.  And It Means Nothing Til You Let It...

Today is the last day of ROMP!  And while Y/you haven’t seen too terribly much from me over these last 2 posts, Y/you have gotten to see some of my absolute favorites from this round.  When items are quality, it makes doing what i do so much easier and allows me to simply have fun and play around in Photoshop for enjoyment rather than obligation, so i’m grateful to have been part of the team for this round.

In fact, i think it’s been while since i’ve said this, but i’m grateful to be a part of any and all teams that i have been blessed with.  i’ve kept a ‘bucket list’ of sorts for awhile, but with how inconsistent my posting gets at times, especially now with more doctors’ appointments than usual and medication adjusting and just taking steps to get some stuff right that’s been wrong for a long time… i’m incredibly blessed for the understanding Designers and Managers that choose to work with me.

Just like high quality items making the photo editing process ‘simple’ and enjoyable for me, the kinds of people i work with are what keep my motivation up and keep me WANTING to stage and take new photos and show Y/you all what’s all out there.

So yeah, this isn’t some huge deep post… yet… there’s one of those coming… but in the meantime, i wanted to show you some more of my ROMP faves so that you can sneak over to the sim TODAY only to grab them before the event closes.

Shape || Mine
Head || Catya Head (v3.0) | Catwa
Body || Freya Body BENTO (v5.2) | Belleza
Skin || Olivia Skin (Mocca Tone; BakesOnMesh Layer) | theSkinnery
Face Freckles || Face Imperfections (Combined; Med; BakesOnMesh Layer) | Izzie’s
Body Freckles || included with Skin (Light; BakesOnMesh Layer)
* Body Marks || Do You Love It (Good Girl; RARE) | Misschevious | ROMP | new!
* Eyeliner || Essentials 11 (BakesOnMesh Layer) | MJN
* Hair || Ambience (Redhead) | Truth Hair
* Lingerie&Harness || Isla Lingerie & Harness (White) | Oushk | ROMP | new!
Collar || Pixi Moon Collar || RealEvil Industries
Belly Piercing || Navel Piercing (Diamond) | PUNCH

* Pose&Cuffs || Cuffs 13 | Infiniti | ROMP | new!
* Desk&Furniture || Hot Office | Smooching Serpents | ROMP | new!

Location || Home

Blogging Tune || “Gravity” – EDEN

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