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Confession .277. I’m Not Something To Butter Up And Taste When You Get Bored…

And now i can’t stop thinking that i can’t stop thinking
That i almost gave You everything
And now the whole thing’s finish and i can’t stop wishing
That i never gave You anything…

Confession .277.  I'm Not Something To Butter Up And Taste When You Get Bored...

i make mistakes.  A lot.  One of which that is a common recurrence in my Second Life is terrible relationship decisions.  i didn’t really talk about my release because i was focused on other things at the time, but also because i was ashamed to admit that it didn’t work.  Because i knew i wouldn’t.  Right from the very beginning, i knew.  But i did it anyway.

So i suppose this is your lesson to learn from me.  Learn from my mistakes.  When Y/your gut tells Y/you something isn’t right and won’t work… listen to it. i’ve spent too much time broken up over this over the last few weeks since it happened, and i just… i dunno.  i almost feel like i deserve the hurt for getting involved in the first place, knowing how it would ultimately end.

i’d be hurt.  He wouldn’t care.  And He’d move on, despite professing a lack of desire to do so.

So i should be able to move on… right?  That’s how that works?  At least i should be able to TRY.

But is it really moving on if the shady way everything happened still hurts me?

Is it really moving on if i still let it affect me?

And why do i feel guilty any time i even try?

i don’t know.  But just learn from my mistakes, if Y/you can help it.  That’s why i write about them here.

i kind of wish there were a more positive topic to write about in this post, as i’m showcasing 2 new Designers that have blessed me with a partnership: Vinyl and Glam Affair, and i’m incredibly grateful for this trust in me to showcase your designs.  i promise it won’t always be alongside sad topics.  ♥

Shape || Mine
Head || Catya Head (v3.0) | Catwa
Body || Freya Body BENTO (v5.2) | Belleza
* Skin || Holly Skin (#11 RARE; Tone 006) | Glam Affair | Arcade | new!
– i’m using the BOM layer for this skin, but it DOES come with appliers as well for Catwa.
Hair || Kama (Dark Reds) | Analog Dog
* Dress || Helpless Dress (Tequila Naps) | Vinyl | new!
– This is a Mainstore recolor of a past release made available as a part of the Black Friday event/sale!
Jeans&Legwarmers || A Girl’s Thing Jeggings | Cynful Clothing
Collar || Pixi Moon Collar | RealEvil Industries

Pose || Breather Vol3 3m | Foxcity

Location || The Forest 2019

Blogging Tune || “100 Letters” – Halsey

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