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Confession .278. Or Is It None Of My Business?

But she’s new and she’s beautiful
You’ve never been in a fight
Yeah, it’s awfully perfect now
But You just know deep inside
She’s not me…

Confession .278.  Or Is It None Of My Business?

If You’re going to just shit on O/our memory, then why do You still have sentimental things about me in Your profile?

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Confession .277. I’m Not Something To Butter Up And Taste When You Get Bored…

And now i can’t stop thinking that i can’t stop thinking
That i almost gave You everything
And now the whole thing’s finish and i can’t stop wishing
That i never gave You anything…

Confession .277.  I'm Not Something To Butter Up And Taste When You Get Bored...

i make mistakes.  A lot.  One of which that is a common recurrence in my Second Life is terrible relationship decisions.  i didn’t really talk about my release because i was focused on other things at the time, but also because i was ashamed to admit that it didn’t work.  Because i knew i wouldn’t.  Right from the very beginning, i knew.  But i did it anyway.

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Confession .276. And It Means Nothing Til You Let It…

Cause i used to defy gravity, defy gravity
Goodbyes keep dragging me down…
And i’m fighting gravity, defying gravity
i’ve tried but i keep falling, cause falling’s easy
But it only brings You down…

Confession .276.  And It Means Nothing Til You Let It...

Today is the last day of ROMP!  And while Y/you haven’t seen too terribly much from me over these last 2 posts, Y/you have gotten to see some of my absolute favorites from this round.  When items are quality, it makes doing what i do so much easier and allows me to simply have fun and play around in Photoshop for enjoyment rather than obligation, so i’m grateful to have been part of the team for this round.

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Confession .275. Dig Up All The Ugly Shit, Then You Offer Up Your Remedy…

You like broken girls cause they make You feel put together
Broken girls, rip it open then You kiss it better…

Confession .275.  Dig Up All The Ugly Shit, Then You Offer Up Your Remedy...

It’s been awhile.  Damn near a month.  And i apologize for that.  If Y/you read my last post, Y/you know that i posted that literally the day after i got home from the hospital.  i wasn’t ready to share all of that with E/everyone, really, but unfortunately, a poorly-managed situation in my home Community in which my personal business was being spread around carelessly made it such that if i didn’t tell the rest of my own story it likely would’ve morphed beyond recognition by the time i was ready to speak about it.

Unfortunately, that means that i kinda had to force myself to be more raw than i was ready to be, and it took away every desire i had to write anything else for awhile.  Again, my apologies.  Especially to those Designers who entrust me with showcasing their designs.  i’m playing catch up, and i thank you in advance for Y/your understanding.  ♥

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Confession .231. Is There A Way Out?

Did W/we light too many matches?
Turn O/ourselves into these ashes?
Did W/we throw it all away?
Did W/we throw it all away?

Confession .231.  Is There A Way Out?

I’m usually anti anything having to do with the Youtube algorithm, because of how often it screws over some of my favorite creators, but i DO have to say that the mixes it makes for me based on stuff i’ve listened to and stuff that it thinks sound similar are absolute fire.  (No pun intended…)

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Confession .229. Integrity, Faith, and Crocodile Tears…

i can’t breathe, i can’t be
i can’t be what You want me to be
Believe me this one time
Believe me

Confession .229.  Integrity, Faith, and Crocodile Tears...

When it gets cold in the South, that’s when you know winter is ‘officially’ here.  When i, in Southern Alabama, get cold, that means it’s winter.  -laughs-  And my favorite Papillon market sim just changed over to winter and snow this week as well, so that’s what came as the inspiration for this photo.

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Confession .227. And When You Move, I’m Moved…

You are a call to motion
There, all of You, a verb, in perfect view
Like Jonah on the Ocean
When You move, i’m moved…

Confession .227.  And When You Move, I'm Moved...

i would apologize for my absence, but i think y’all are used to my flighty muse by now.  i haven’t forgotten the promise of a second Venom post!  That outfit is still saved… but i need to wait on it for a minute… cause…

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Confession .225. Please Someone Prove Me Wrong…

You don’t know who i am, it changes with the moon
Give me time, i’ll bring out the worst in You too
No happy ever after
You’re already gone…

Confession .225.  Please Someone Prove Me Wrong...

Gabbieeeeeeee.  Dammit.  In what is becoming a theme, Gabbie Hanna released two new songs that are related to each other, “Monster” and “Monster (Reborn)” in a joint music video.  The transition in this one was so seamless that i had to go back and re-watch to make sure i knew what was going on and which song was which.  But child… what gets me?  The end of Monster (Reborn)!  i’m not going to tell Y/you what it is… Y/you’re just going to have to go watch!  Be prepared… maybe have tissues if Y/you connect deeply with lyrics like i do.

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Confession .224. So What If I’m The Monster That’s Been Here All Along…

P/people wanna talk while i’m not around to hear
Really, T/they don’t know what i’m made of
P/people keep on walkin’ so far away from here
Clearly, i’m the one T/they’re afraid of…

Confession .224.  So What If I'm The Monster That's Been Here All Along...

4 days into NaNoWriMo and i’m already behind… i didn’t intend to blog the progress, so don’t get all weird about seeing writing from me all throughout November… lol… but i DID intend to spend November writing.

Though i don’t write novels.  i did mean to focus a bit on some poetry, though.

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Confession .223. You Are Not Alone; I’ve Been Here The Whole Time…

Is A/anybody out there?
Can Y/you take this weight of mine?
Is A/anybody out there?
Can Y/you lead me to the light?

Confession .223.  You Are Not Alone; I've Been Here The Whole Time...

i don’t like talking much about my dad.  i’ve told the story in here of how he died/how i found out about it… and i’ve told a few stories about him generally – especially when it comes to ways i’m like he was… but otherwise, i don’t really like to talk about him.  Tbh, it’s still really hard… 5 years later, things like his birthday still make it feel like it was yesterday.

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