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Confession .359. But What If I Don’t Feel Like I’m Beautiful?

Maybe I’m not pretty, maybe I’m just fun
‘Cause I got a belly and I got a bum
And I’m always jelly of all the other ones
With their itty bitty bellies and their rump-ump-ump-bums…

Confession .359.  But What If I Don't Feel Like I'm Beautiful?

I’ve blogged this song before, but it popped back up in my recommended and wound up on repeat again. The whole thing is worth a listen if Y/you have the time. 🙂

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Confession .276. And It Means Nothing Til You Let It…

Cause i used to defy gravity, defy gravity
Goodbyes keep dragging me down…
And i’m fighting gravity, defying gravity
i’ve tried but i keep falling, cause falling’s easy
But it only brings You down…

Confession .276.  And It Means Nothing Til You Let It...

Today is the last day of ROMP!  And while Y/you haven’t seen too terribly much from me over these last 2 posts, Y/you have gotten to see some of my absolute favorites from this round.  When items are quality, it makes doing what i do so much easier and allows me to simply have fun and play around in Photoshop for enjoyment rather than obligation, so i’m grateful to have been part of the team for this round.

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Confession .177. You’re Going Through Six Degrees of Separation…

First, you think the worst is a broken heart
What’s gonna kill you is the second part
And the third, is when your world splits down the middle…
Fourth, you’re gonna think that you fixed yourself
Fifth, you see them out with someone else
And the sixth is when you admit, you may have fucked up a little…

Confession .177.  You're Going Through Six Degrees Of Separation...

First of all, someone please explain to me how I shot and edited this photo drunk and it still looks better than most of the other photos I’ve done lately.  *Chuckles*

Also, I’ve blogged this song before… years ago… with that exact chorus up at the top of the post.  Not sorry.

Anyway… I’ve been going through something the last couple days that I promised people I’d try to unpack here in this post.  If RL issues aren’t something you’re here to read about, or if you’re triggered by severe illness stories, then I’ll see you next time.  To everyone else… hi…

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Confession .101. This Time Keep Yours, Cause I Got Mine…

I ain’t never been the one to wait up
Waiting for a Man to save me
Independent, got my own stuff
I’m good, I’m good…

Confession .101.  This Time Keep Yours, Cause I Got Mine...

Is it really that hard to believe that I’m a grown-ass adult who makes my own decisions, and will inevitably take responsibility for those decisions should they go wrong or right?

I don’t understand what’s so hard to understand about that.

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Confession .37. I Do Dumb Shit… All The Time…

Although time may take us into different places
I will still be patient with you
And I hope you know
I won’t let go…

Confession .37.  I Do Dumb Shit... All The Time...

This photo right here?  Taken entirely by accident.  Yay for happy accidents!

I guess that’s sort of the unofficial theme of today’s blog.  Like the title says, I do dumb shit… a lot.  And I do.  I listen to other people sometimes far more than I should, and I used to take their opinion into consideration far too often.  Now, like in an earlier blog I posted, I still believe that’s a very important thing to do professionally, because how else are you going to know when someone’s being a two-faced asshole who just wants to take advantage of you, professionally?  But when it comes to personal relationships… I used to hold far too much stock in what other people told me.

And it lead me to do some dumb shit.

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Confession .36. Keep Out of Trouble And You Double Your Choices…

Hey yo, I’m just like my country
I’m young, scrappy, and hungry
And I’m not throwing away my shot…

Confession .36.  Keep Out Of Trouble And You Double Your Choices...

So.  If you’re not new to the blogger world, then you know that Blueberry’s blogger applications are open until the 13th, and then they close.  This will be the first time in a year that they’ve opened, and let me tell you… Blueberry is at the top of my blogger bucket list – and not just because my list is in alphabetical order.

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Confession .33. I’m A Little Unsteady

Hold, hold on, hold onto me
Cause I’m a little unsteady
A little unsteady…

Confession .33.  I'm A Little Unsteady...

So it’s been awhile.  I’ve both started my externship and am now being moved to a different site.  That’s… all sorts of a complicated story that I’m far too emotionally strung-out to really get into right now.

The good news is, however, I have an unexpected long weekend.  Lol.

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Confession .29. When The Roof Is On Fire, You Never Let Me Know

Say You’re sorry, Honey
But You never really show…
And I can leave the party without ever letting You know
Without ever letting You know…

Confession .29.  When The Roof Is On Fire, You Never Let Me Know

The blogger gods seem to have answered my prayers today.  I went back into a couple of groups to see if I’d missed anything – because I always miss SOMETHING – and lo and behold, there was an awesome new skin applier for Lelutka from AlterEgo.  So of course I grabbed that.  And it was a chance to show off the Lelutka version of these Veechi eyeshadows I’ve been digging on lately.

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Confession .28. You Get Off On Your 9 to 5 Dream of Picket Fences and Trophy Wives

Oh, I don’t know what You’ve been told
But this gal right here’s gonna rule the world
Yeah, that is where I’m gonna be
Because I wanna be
No, I don’t wanna “Sit still, look pretty”…

Confession .28.  You Get Off On Your 9 to 5 Dream of Picket Fences and Trophy Wives

Catwa put out a new static head!  I feel like this is old news, but I just had to show you, cause it’s super cute with one of Toxxic’s skins that she made for Catwa.  And, as if it weren’t cute enough – this static head is only L$400, AND you can get L$100 back in store credit if you’re wearing the Catwa group or Catwa Head Friends group tag.  (Just make sure you use the right vendor for the right tag to get your store credit!  She’s got them clearly labeled.)

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