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Confession .356. And If You’d Ask Them, They Would Describe Me Differently…

‘Cause some people make me bitter
Smile and then squeeze a lime in my cut
And some people make me sweeter
‘Cause they make me feel like I am enough
And that makes me a giver
But my mom says I tend to give too much
And some people make me better
And that’s how I know my favorite part of me is you
My favorite part of me is you…

Confession .356.  And If You'd Ask Them, They Would Describe Me Differently...

As we enter the last few days of Mermaid Cove, I would like to once again encourage you all to go explore the underwater seascape that is the amazing event full of talented creators ready to help you bring out your inner-mermaid.

Most of you know by now that my sorority sisters and I, the #OriginalSirens of Zeta Theta Mu, have a mermaid form that is part of our identity. We are Sirens, we are mermaids, that is who we are. It’s not just some cutesy mascot to toss out there with no real meaning – and as such, this particular event means so much to us as a way to find items that support that innermost part of us that creators may not normally release as a part of their regular schedule.

It’s nice to feel seen and recognized sometimes, even though these creators obviously didn’t design these items with us in mind. It means so much that so many creators were willing to participate!

This is my mini love letter to those creators, I suppose. My sincerest thank you. For allowing me to add to my inventory those things that my sisters and I can gush over and style with and express those parts of our personality for the next year, until you turn around all over again and participate next year, bringing us even more to work with.

At least, it is my deepest hope that you all will participate again next year when this rolls around.

So thank you, again, from the bottom of my Siren heart, for the work you put in, even if it’s not your typical ‘genre’ that you create. Your work is so appreciated, and it’s so seen!

Shape || Mine
Head || EvoX Briannon Head (v3.0) | Lelutka
* Skin || Rose Skin (Sand Tone) | Glam Affair
Freckles || Tinted Freckles | +FATHER+
* Lipstick || Ligeia Lipgloss | CYKA | Mermaid Cove | new!
Tail || Nemissa Base Set (Blue) | Cynefin | Equal10 | new!
* Hair || Bunny (Blonde HUD) | Truth Hair
Pasties || Bratty Nipple Pasties | Spoiled
* Face Jewels || Ligeia Face Gems | CYKA | Mermaid Cove | new!
Necklaces || Olivia Layered Charm Necklace | Yummy | Uber | new!

* Pose || Water Nymph 3 | Audition | Mermaid Cove | new!

Blogging Tune || “Favorite Part Of Me” – Astrid S

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