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Confession .334. Rearrange The Pieces Just To Fit Me With The Rest…

What if i, what if i trip; what if i, what if i fall
Then am i the Monster?
Just let me know…
What if i, what if i sin; what if i, what if i break
Then am i the Monster?
Just let me know…

Confession .334.  Rearrange The Pieces Just To Fit Me With The Rest...

Ohey. It’s been a minute. RL is having a time of it right now, so these blogs might be a little more intermittent while some stuff is up in the air. But i’ll keep posting as much as i’m able. Especially about things like today’s topic… a little birdy told me some super exciting news!

It’s rare that i write in-world ‘reviews’ or news, so take heed! This is super important!

So some of you know i’m obsessed with the level of detail in [Tethered] BDSM’s collars – i’ve talked about it here a few times before. “Etched Fire”, a gold collar featuring red detailing is still one of my favorites. Though today i’m wearing “Blue Ice” to talk about some exciting news i’ve been told about their collars!

We live in a day and age where everywhere – events, clubs, etc – love to set Complexity limits to help residents with lesser computers not lag as much and have a more pleasant experience overall. However, for those of us who have been clinging to the intricately detailed beauty of our [Tethered] collars, this may have meant some difficult decisions in what you can and cannot wear, because unfortunately with intricately detailed prim work comes higher complexity.

Not for much longer!

Torus Heliosense, the visionary behind these creations, has found a way that He will not have to change His process or His level of detailing, but can still convert his works to mesh in order to lower the complexity a bit for those of us who still enjoy the collars but don’t want to lose out on the gorgeous meticulous work we’ve come to love just to attend a shopping event.

They will be converting a few dozen of their most popular sellers into mesh over the coming months, and i, for one, and super excited! i’ve already told Harley, Torus’ delightful partner, that i have hopes that Etched Fire will make the list of those that get converted, and honestly, the longer i wear this Blue Ice design, i hope it gets converted too.

Keep your eye on Tethered’s in-world store as well as their Marketplace for this rollout of mesh versions of these beloved collars. i’m sure W/we all can’t wait!

Shape || Mine (began with the base from the Paula gift at Heaux)
Body || Legacy Body (v1.3) | The Shops/The Mesh Project
Head || Lilly Head (v2.5) | Lelutka
Skin || Lilly Skin (Sand Tone) | Heaux | N21 | recent!
* Hair || Charm Hair (Red) | Foxy
– Thank you Foxy for providing gift card prizes for the Photography Help Tips & Tricks giveaway for Christmas! This hair (along with some others) was purchased with my gift card.
* Top || Pasadena Knit Top | le fil casse | recent!
* Collar || Blue Ice | [Tethered] BDSM

Backdrop || Futuristic Backdrop | MINIMAL
Pose || Morning Sun 4 | Diversion

Blogging Tune || “Monster” – Shawn Mendes & Justin Bieber

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