Confession .56. I Just Might Regret That Night For The Rest Of My Days…

And I know that she is, helpless
And her eyes are just, helpless
And I realize three fundamental truths at the exact same time…


Ok.  So.  Be nice.

I’ve never really been good at furniture posts, or setting up scenes for myself.  It’s why I love exploring the grid and finding photogenic sims so much… because otherwise all my photos would be in front of a boring black/white/plain-colored screen.

But one of my goals for 2017 is to get better at this stuff, so I figured I’d do a post that was kind of a ‘starting point’, so I could build on this… and also have something to show people that I ultimately wind up asking for help.

So, play nice and no judging.  LOL.  I know this is not my strong suit, but it’s something I’m going to use 2017 to work on.

At least I hope so.  Haha.


*~* Confession .56.  I Just Might Regret That Night For The Rest Of My Days… *~*

..:: Wall/Floor ::..  Light Stage || Glam Affair & Tableu Vivant || The Fantasy Collective
..:: Rug ::..  Khotan Rug || Consignment & floorplan
..:: Couch ::..  Ruffled Slipcover Sofa (Grey) || LAQ Decor
..:: Small Coffee Table ::..  Coffee Table || LAQ Decor
..:: Decor for Small Coffee Table ::..  Lighted Jars || dust bunny || Collabor88
..:: Wall Snowflakes ::..  Wooden Snowflake (Snow Branch) || Artisan Fantasy
..:: Paintings ::..  Paxton Canvases (1) || Trompe Loeil
..:: Dog & Bed ::..  Sleigh Bed & Pup || dust bunny & OMEN || Collabor88
..:: Wall Shelf ::..  Miniature Village Shelf || dust bunny || Collabor88
..:: Table/Wall ::..  Upcycled Shutter Table || dust bunny || Collabor88
..:: Mugs ::..  Mug Tree (Type a) || dust bunny || Collabor88
..:: Chair ::..  Selah Rattan Chair (Tan w/ Lights) || Trompe Loeil
..:: Large Coffee Table ::..  Charlotte Coffee Table || What Next
..:: Tea Pot ::..  Tea Kettle || dust bunny || Collabor88
..:: Cup ::..  Candy Cane Mug || dust bunny || Collabor88
..:: Jar ::..  Marshmellow Jar || dust bunny || Collabor88
..:: Tall Jar ::.. Smores Jar || dust bunny || Collabor88
..:: Candles ::..  Small Crown Lantern (Cream) || What Next || Collabor88
..:: Bottles ::..  Syrup Dispensers || dust bunny || Collabor88
..:: Tree ::..  Christmas Tree 2016 (Snow Branch) || Artisan Fantasy

..:: Location ::..  Home

..:: Blogging Tune ::..  “Satisfied” – Sia (Solo Version)


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