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Confession .56. I Just Might Regret That Night For The Rest Of My Days…

And I know that she is, helpless
And her eyes are just, helpless
And I realize three fundamental truths at the exact same time…

Confession .56.  I Just Might Regret That Night For The Rest Of My Days...

Ok.  So.  Be nice.

I’ve never really been good at furniture posts, or setting up scenes for myself.  It’s why I love exploring the grid and finding photogenic sims so much… because otherwise all my photos would be in front of a boring black/white/plain-colored screen.

But one of my goals for 2017 is to get better at this stuff, so I figured I’d do a post that was kind of a ‘starting point’, so I could build on this… and also have something to show people that I ultimately wind up asking for help.

So, play nice and no judging.  LOL.  I know this is not my strong suit, but it’s something I’m going to use 2017 to work on.

At least I hope so.  Haha.


*~* Confession .56.  I Just Might Regret That Night For The Rest Of My Days… *~*

..:: Wall/Floor ::..  Light Stage || Glam Affair & Tableu Vivant || The Fantasy Collective
..:: Rug ::..  Khotan Rug || Consignment & floorplan
..:: Couch ::..  Ruffled Slipcover Sofa (Grey) || LAQ Decor
..:: Small Coffee Table ::..  Coffee Table || LAQ Decor
..:: Decor for Small Coffee Table ::..  Lighted Jars || dust bunny || Collabor88
..:: Wall Snowflakes ::..  Wooden Snowflake (Snow Branch) || Artisan Fantasy
..:: Paintings ::..  Paxton Canvases (1) || Trompe Loeil
..:: Dog & Bed ::..  Sleigh Bed & Pup || dust bunny & OMEN || Collabor88
..:: Wall Shelf ::..  Miniature Village Shelf || dust bunny || Collabor88
..:: Table/Wall ::..  Upcycled Shutter Table || dust bunny || Collabor88
..:: Mugs ::..  Mug Tree (Type a) || dust bunny || Collabor88
..:: Chair ::..  Selah Rattan Chair (Tan w/ Lights) || Trompe Loeil
..:: Large Coffee Table ::..  Charlotte Coffee Table || What Next
..:: Tea Pot ::..  Tea Kettle || dust bunny || Collabor88
..:: Cup ::..  Candy Cane Mug || dust bunny || Collabor88
..:: Jar ::..  Marshmellow Jar || dust bunny || Collabor88
..:: Tall Jar ::.. Smores Jar || dust bunny || Collabor88
..:: Candles ::..  Small Crown Lantern (Cream) || What Next || Collabor88
..:: Bottles ::..  Syrup Dispensers || dust bunny || Collabor88
..:: Tree ::..  Christmas Tree 2016 (Snow Branch) || Artisan Fantasy

..:: Location ::..  Home

..:: Blogging Tune ::..  “Satisfied” – Sia (Solo Version)

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