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Confession .55. One Hand Is Holding Yours While The Other Is Waving Goodbye…

I’m with the enemy in my bed
When the voice in my head
Tells me I should treat myself better…

Confession .55.  One Hand Is Holding Yours While The Other Is Waving Goodbye...

Well I took a couple days off for Christmas with my family.  But I didn’t want to put too much of a hitch in the momentum I’ve created lately with daily posting.  I can’t guarantee it’s always going to be like this… but while I’m inspired, I’m sure gonna try!

Uber opened ON Christmas Day… so I’m sure you can imagine my anticipation of getting home from time with my family and staying awake long enough to try and poke around at some of my favorites.  One thing I knew I was going for, immediately?  This bodysuit and skirt.

Dammit, Annie.  Lol.

I first saw this on Facebook on Christmas Eve, as a post that was shared of just the bodysuit, and already then I’d fallen in love.  But then, oh then… we were let in on the little gem that there would be a skirt you could finish the outfit with, and when we were shown that?  Ugh!  Such pretty.  😀

It was so hard for me to choose colors, because there were so many gorgeous options, and let’s be honest… I still might go back and grab another color or three… haha.  But for now, I grabbed the red I’m showing you, as well as the teal, and both of them are incredibly pretty and so richly textured.  But of course, we all know to expect impeccable texturing from Just Because, especially with anything that is even remotely formal.

This is definitely one to put a nice little twist on your New Years Eve formal?  Yes?

Also making an appearance at Uber this round is this skin from Glam Affair, for Lelutka heads.  It’s been made after the release of the Simone 2.0 Bento head, and that’s what I’m wearing on, but it is still backwards compatible with past Lelutka heads.  You’ll just want to try the demo to see if it fits your particular head the way you want it to.

One thing that I’ve loved that Glam Affair has started doing with their newest skins for Lelutka since the Bento release (now, admittedly, they could have done this before and I didn’t notice, because I was die-hard with my Catwa heads pre-Bento) is that they have begun offering eyeliner/eyeshadow and lipstick options on the head.  So while some of you may be in a position like me… and be having to rebuild your makeup base because you have all these Catwa-only appliers and a Lelutka bento head, Glam Affair has you covered!  I can’t guarantee that this will always be a thing, as I haven’t heard one way or the other, but so far, I’ve noticed it on all 5 of the post-Bento Lelutka skins I have in my inventory.

And last but not least, Truth has a new release out at Uber, and I’m in LOVE.  There are two different styles of this high pony… one with bangs and one without.  And to fit with the Leather and Lace theme of the round, there is an options (not pictured here) lace bunny-ear headband with several color options included with the hair.  I’m just glad for another quality high-pony that I can add to my arsenal of hair.  And it just happened to be perfect with this bodysuit/skirt combination.

*~* Confession .55.  One Hand Is Holding Yours While The Other Is Waving Goodbye… *~*

..:: Shape ::..  Mine
..:: Head ::..  Simone Head 2.0 || Lelutka
..:: Skin ::..  Lucrezia Skin (Europa) || Glam Affair || Uber || new release!
* The eyeshadow and lipstick worn in these photos are options that are included on the Skin HUD.
..:: Hair ::..  Ari (Gingers; with bangs) || Truth Hair || Uber || new release!
..:: Body ::..  Lara Body (v3.5) || Maitreya
..:: Hands ::.. Bento Prohands || Vista Animations
..:: Bodysuit ::..  Dana Bodysuit (Red) || Just Because || Uber || new release!
..:: Skirt ::..  Dana Skirt (Red) || Just Because || Uber || new release!
..:: Collar ::..  Abide Collar || Cae

..:: Pose (close up) ::..  Black Stand || Del May
..:: Pose (full body) ::..  Miss ornamental || Del May

..:: Location ::..  Elysion

..:: Blogging Tune ::..  “Waving Goodbye” – Sia

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