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Confession .329. Fa La La La La, La La, La La…

See the blazing Yule before us
Strike the harp and join the chorus
Follow me in merry measure
While i tell of Yuletide treasure

Confession .329.  Fa La La La La, La La, La La...

i held off long enough – it’s 10 days into December, 2 weeks til Christmas eve, here’s my first Christmas-y picture of the season.

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Confession .314. Heaven Gonna Hate Me…

I am not afraid anymore
Standing in the eye of the storm
Ready to face this, dying to taste this, sick sweet warmth…

Confession .314.  Heaven Gonna Hate Me...

If you’ve been here for any length of time, you know decor is not my strong suit, but is something i’ve been trying to improve upon for years now. i think part of it is that i’m so rarely inspired by ‘just’ decor, as opposed to being inspired by fashion, makeup, hair, etc.

But today’s post, however, came easy, and i was truly inspired by the items i put together…

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Confession .218. Are We Too Far Gone?

Can we come back from this, Can we come back from this?
Put the pieces back where they belong
Can we come back from this, Can we come back from this?
Or are we too far gone?

Confession .218.  Are We Too Far Gone?

“I should have seen the warning, this heavy weight inside my chains.  I should have told You sooner.  Thought that I could wait instead.  Can we stay here together, waiting for answers, and figure out which way we should go?  Is it out of our hands?  Or do we still have a chance if we hold on til the last of our hope?”

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Confession .165. What Anxiety Feels Like…

I have so much more to offer
But I’m doing nothing about it…
I’m not good enough…

Confession .165.  What Anxiety Feels Like...

Sometimes I withdraw from you all… either via not posting in this blog, or I *actually* withdraw from those of you that know me in-world.   I don’t talk, I avoid the places I usually hang out at… or I just don’t log in at all.  I’m short, moody… and a lot of you tend to wonder, “What the fuck is wrong with you today?”

So… that’s what I’m going to talk about today.  This is what anxiety feels like.

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