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Confession .16. I Rarely Wear Shoes

We’ll be lacing the same shoes
That we’ve worn through
To the bottom of the line…

Roman Holiday

“We’ll be looking for sunlight, or the headlights, til our wide eyes burn blind.  We’ll be lacing the same shoes that we’ve worn through to the bottom of the line.  And we know that we’re headstrong, and our heart’s gone, and the timing’s never right.  But for now let’s get away on a Roman holiday.”

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When It Was An Old Back Road With An Old School Beat…

I wanna drop this cell phone now
And let it shatter on the ground
They ain’t holdin’ nothin’, these two hands
Until they’re holdin’ you again…


“We both know that we lost it somehow.  Let’s get it found.”

As I’ve said before, I don’t often just throw something on out of a box, especially for a blog post… however, I absolutely love everything that Envious does.  SayaNicole really takes the time to think about the woman she’s designing for, and adds in just enough to give her a cohesive, well-put-together outfit without having to scramble around through a mess of an inventory.  For this, I usually display as much of each outfit as I can in her posts, and don’t do a lot of mix and matching.

Yes, it’s another one of the Lover’s Dictionary series posts.  Sorry if you’re getting sick of them.  There’s a whole BOOK full of these little snippets, so I’m not running out of stuff to write about any time soon.  Lol.

On another note, ooo look!  Tivi included furniture!  Lmao.  Sorry.  *Hugs you all for putting up with my randomness*  And this particular word/story from the book is super sappy and cute… so, prepare for that. Lol.

contiguous, adj.

I felt silly for even mentioning it, but once I did, I knew I had to explain.
“When I was a kid,” I said, “I had this puzzle with all fifty states on it – you know, the kind where you have to fit them all together.  And one day I got it in my head that California and Nevada were in love.  I told my mom, and she had no idea what I was talking about.  I ran and got those two pieces and showed it to her – California and Nevada, completely in love.  So a lot of the time when we’re like this” – my ankles against the backs of your ankles, my knees fitting into the backs of your  knees, my thighs on the backs of your legs, my stomach against your back, my chin folding into your neck – “I can’t help but think about California and Nevada, and how we’re a lot like them.  If someone were drawing us from above as a map, that’s what we’d look like; that’s how we are.”
For a moment, you were quiet.  And then you nestled in and whispered,
And I knew you understood.

— “The Lover’s Dictionary” by David Levithan


contiguous, adj.

I absolutely love to cuddle.  And it’s not even necessarily about, “I’ve had a bad day, can we cuddle?”  I just prefer cuddling to most things.  Hell, I even prefer cuddling to sex, let’s be honest.  (Past partners can certainly confirm that, likely through gritted teeth of frustration.)  It says so much about a person to be willing to just lay there, exchange warmth, be that source of security and safety for a moment, an hour, however long… and just… be.  Maybe you’re talking, maybe you’re not.  Maybe you’re just laying there listening to each other breathe.  There is something downright magical about cuddling with the right person.

I swear cuddling is like, test numero uno in a relationship for me.  *Laughs*  Can I cuddle with you?  Do you even want to cuddle without getting stir-crazy and annoying?  Do we fit together, or is it awkward?  Do you give me shit for being a cuddler?  Do you constantly try to get in my pants when we’re laying there cuddling?  I may be silent, but there are so many things going through my head when I’m cuddling with someone I actually care about, when there’s a relationship developing there.

Perhaps this is a bit of my over-analyzing everything.  But hey, cuddling is important, dammit!

The passage on “contiguous” in Lover’s Dictionary was actually the first one I read.  I picked the book up in the book store, flipped to a random page and there it was: a whole new perspective on cuddling and love, explained to me by the illustration of a map of the 50 states.  I never expected to learn about love that day, but I did… and I walked out of the book store with the book because of it.

I believe it was Ben… he and I made the California and Nevada references often.  I was Nevada, of course… cause I am the little spoon, always.  And Ben was California.  To this day, I don’t think I’ve used that reference with anyone else… I don’t even know that I’ve told anyone else about that story, and how, in a silly way, it spoke to me.  Only Ben.  That was a thing that was just ours, I guess.

I guess, in the map of the 50 states in my head, California has long since drifted into the Pacific Ocean.


*~* When It Was An Old Back Road With An Old School Beat… *~*

Shape: MINE
Skin: Layla Skin (Caramel Tone) || AlterEgo
*AlterEgo has a new store build coming, set to open on Feb 1st, so if you find problems trying to get into the sim, that could be it.  Make sure you join her group for the most recent updates!
Eyes: Hope Eyes (Forest) || IKON
Hair: Wake Up (Dusk Palette) || Beusy
Body: Lara Body (v3.4) || Maitreya
Hands: Avatar Enhancement Hands (Elegant 1) || Slink
Feet: Avatar Enhancement Feet (High) || Slink
Freckles: Odd Beauty Freckles || Besom
Lipstick: Goth Lips 17 (from Goth Lips 3 pack) || Pekka
Outfit (inc. heels & head goggles): Victorious || Envious
* This outfit includes standard size & Belleza size tank tops and skirts, clothing layer leggings, Omega and TMP applier HUDs for leggings, Heels, Head Goggles, and 2 bracelets (not pictured)
Septum Piercing: Dark Queen (P6) || RealEvil Industries
Tattoo: Bohemian Full 14008 (at 50% opacity) || Letis Tattoo

Bed (with poses): Kira Four-Post Bed (Cupid’s Repose) || Newchurch || REVAMPED
* I am posing on the adult version, which features single sleeping animations, cuddle animations, and adult animations.  There IS a PG version available for sale at the event as well.  The bed linens come with several color/pattern options all in one bed!
Dresser: Kira Four-Drawer Dresser (White) || Newchurch || REVAMPED
Nightstand: Kira Nightstand (White) || Newchurch || REVAMPED
Room Setting: Window 2.0 || KaTink

Blogging Tune: “Strip It Down” – Luke Bryan