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Confession .170. Someone Take Me Home…

Now tell me: How did my dreams turn into nightmares?
How did I lose it, when I was right there?
Now I’m so far that it feels like it’s all gone to pieces
Tell me why the world never fights fair…

Confession .170.  Someone Take Me Home...

I’ve had these photos for days… and just haven’t known what to write really to go with it.  And I still don’t, really.  So this might be a relatively short post.

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Confession .169. In The End, It’s Him And I…

He said, “Be true”
I swear, “I’ll try”
In the end, it’s Him and I…

Confession .169.  In The End, It's Him And I...

“Maybe it won’t work out.  But maybe seeing if it does will be the best adventure ever.”

So… things happened.  Hear me out.

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Confession .150. You Gave Up, I Grew Up…

Where would I, where would I be?
What would I do?
If You were, if You were there when I needed You?

Confession .150.  You Gave Up, I Grew Up...

I don’t think this particular post actually exists on social media anymore… I shared it last night on my Facebook page from Chris Crocker, but today I couldn’t find it on my page or his.  I went looking and found a cached version that still had it, where I was able to grab the content because I feel like it is COMPLETELY true in the age of social media, and also in Second Life.

He may have deleted it because of social anxiety issues or any other reason really… it’s his page, but I felt the need to post it here.  These words are not my own, but Chris Crocker’s.

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Confession .106. I Always Thought I Would Sink, So I Never Swam…

I never went boatin’
Don’t get how they are floatin’
And sometimes I get so scared of what I can’t understand…

Confession .106.  I Always Thought I Would Sink, So I Never Swam...


I was gonna make this another one-photo post, cause I’m so happy with the close-up of this… but I wanted to do justice to the fullness of this adorable outfit… so I included the full-body as well.  And can you say feet jewelry?!  Yes, please!  (You’ll see this jewelry and the shoes it can be worn with again, closer up, in an upcoming post, I’m sure.)

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Confession .104. But I Scream Too Loud When I Speak My Mind…

You said I’m too much to handle
You said I shine too bright
I burnt the candle
Flew too high

Confession .104.  But I Scream Too Loud When I Speak My Mind...

So here’s the thing…

(Oh lord, it always feels like I’m about to get real angry or passionate when I start with “here’s the thing”… I notice it in discussions lately too.  So, my apologies if this becomes a passionate ranty post.  Lol.)

Let’s chat about the term: Topping From the Bottom.

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Confession .69. What Does The Fox Say?

(Sorry, not sorry for the pun.  But would you expect anything less from me?  Really?)

Confession .69.  What Does The Fox Say?

It’s been quite some time since I’ve ventured out into the roleplay community, despite having an arsenal of an inventory that could equip me to do so… but thanks to Aii, I might have to run around as a fox more often.

Soooooome of you might know that I hop around the grid as a ‘pet’ sometimes, and my pet ‘alterego’ of sorts is a bit of a kitten.  I use the oracul chibi AO, bounce around to my heart’s content, and I have ears, a tail, and overall look adorable as all hell.  If you’ve run into me in this state, you know what I mean.  Lol.

This fox may have just become my new ‘alterego’…

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Confession .10. I Give Up Too Easily

Louder than Sirens, Louder than Bells
Sweeter than Heaven & Hotter than Hell

Drumming Song

Following suit with the last few confessions… this one is no less real: I Give Up  Too Easily.

And it doesn’t really matter what it is, really.  There are very few things that I’ve stuck with vehemently… and that’s not without countless moments in which I sat here wondering to myself WHY I was trying so hard.  Modeling is one of those things.  I’ve been around and doing this for over 3 years now… however, lately moreso than ever, I’ve found myself wondering just why I try so damn hard.  Like, what is it that I think is going to change?

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