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Confession .309. I’ll Be The Light That You Can’t Make…

It’s like when you’re tired, you’re someone else
Don’t speak for some time to find those words inside yourself
Honey don’t worry, I’ll do your laundry, covered in dirt
Darling be patient, it’s easy to break beneath the weight of the earth…

Confession .309.  I'll Be The Light That You Can't Make...

Well i had every intention of blogging more in the month of September, and then a hurricane happened.  So, here we are.

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Confession .270. In Case You Don’t Live Forever, Let Me Tell You The Truth…

i’ve carried this song in my mind
Listen, it’s echoing in me
But i haven’t helped You to hear it…
We, we’ve only got so much time
i’m pretty sure it would kill me
If You didn’t know the pieces of me are pieces of You…

Confession .270.  In Case You Don't Live Forever, Let Me Tell You The Truth...

This is one of those existential crisis type posts.  So if you’re not down to listen to somewhat angry, somewhat frantic rambling, then scroll to the bottom for Y/your credits and i’ll see Y/you next time.  Lol.  To the rest of Y/you: Hello.  And i’m sorry in advance.

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Confession .143. Burn My Lungs And Curse My Eyes…

I taste you on my lips and I can’t get rid of you
So I damn your kiss and the awful things you do
Yeah, you’re worse than nicotine…

Confession .143.  Burn My Lungs And Curse My Eyes...

I’d apologize for my embracing the full-on creep-factor of October, but I’m not gonna.  Lol.

Honestly, I don’t even really get that into Halloween in RL, and I usually don’t in SL either… but honestly, it’s these damned eyes, eyeshadows, and lipsticks from Izzie’s in this Powder Pack.  I can’t get enough.  It inspires me to embrace my inner creepy bitch and push the boundaries of what I’m used to styling and posting.

And I can’t say I’m mad at it, really.

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Confession .131. It Feel Like My Life Ain’t Mine…

It’s the very first breath when your head’s been drowning underwater
It’s the lightness in the air when you’re there chest to chest with a lover
It’s holding on, though the road’s long
Seeing light in the darkest things
And when you stare at your reflection, finally knowing who it is
I know that you’ll thank God you did…

Confession .131.  It Feel Like My Life Ain't Mine...

If you were on my Facebook this morning, you know exactly what I’m going to talk about in this post.  If you were not on my Facebook this morning, then please know that this post will contain a narrative that may or may not be triggering to those with anxieties and sensitivities to certain subject matters, including but not limited to suicide.

Thank you for heeding this warning.  If you don’t continue reading, to avoid the triggering subject, I understand, and I’ll see you next time.  ♥  If you continue… let’s talk about my sister’s father-in-law…

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Confession .128. Always Somebody You’re Willing To Fight To Be Right…

Your lies are bullets
Your mouth’s a gun
No war in anger was ever won…

Confession .128.  Always Somebody You're Willing To Fight To Be Right...

Oh, hello Catwa head, old friend.  It’s nice to see you.   I haven’t had you on in awhile.  But I just had to check out the new Catwa update for the Catya head.

And the ‘cutesy’ look looked better with this particularly adorable dress from Moon Amore.

But there’s more of a darker theme to this photo series today than there might seem…

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Confession .126. I Could Not Bare To Lie To You, To Lie With You…

Money won’t pay for Your problems
You gotta fix them Yourself
Vices and pity won’t solve them
Stop feeling bad for Yourself

Confession .126.  I Could Not Bare To Lie To You, To Lie With You...

Sort of a follow-up to yesterday’s post.  (Cause I’m writing this a couple hours later, and scheduling it ahead… cause I felt super productive with my photos tonight/this morning.)

I realize yesterday’s post was kinda sorta super angry.  That’s kinda what this blog is sometimes… stuff stays bottled up and then I find something perfect… like that Polaroid pose yesterday… and it all comes flooding out.  Again, there’s a super convenient ‘x’ in the upper right of your screen if you’re not a fan of the occasional word-vomit when it’s needed.

Today will be less ranty.

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Confession .120. But I Always Make The Same Mistakes…

Got a boy back home in Michigan
And it tastes like Jack when I’m kissing him
So I told him that I never really liked his friends
Now he’s gone and he’s calling me a bitch again…

Confession .120.  But I Always Make The Same Mistakes...

Hooray!  I can start blogging the Miss Colour of Couture Challenges that we’ve done so far.  I’m going to TRY my damnedest to keep up with them… the Photo challenges, like this one, will be easier to blog because the photos will be there and edited already, but the runway challenges will take more motivation to put back on and blog.  Lmao.

My apologies in advance if I fall behind.

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Confession .116. I’m A Motherfuckin’ Woman!

I buy my own things
I pay my own bills
These diamond rings, my automobiles…

Confession .116.  I'm A Motherfuckin' Woman!

“Don’t touch my weave, don’t call me honey…”

Is the fashion world in Second Life dead?  Has fashion modeling died?  What the hell is going on with it?  I’ve seen these questions flying around the last month-ish or so… and I finally wanted to take a moment to breathe, sit down, and chat with you all a little bit about my experiences.

The good and the bad.  *Sips her tea*

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Confession .28. You Get Off On Your 9 to 5 Dream of Picket Fences and Trophy Wives

Oh, I don’t know what You’ve been told
But this gal right here’s gonna rule the world
Yeah, that is where I’m gonna be
Because I wanna be
No, I don’t wanna “Sit still, look pretty”…

Confession .28.  You Get Off On Your 9 to 5 Dream of Picket Fences and Trophy Wives

Catwa put out a new static head!  I feel like this is old news, but I just had to show you, cause it’s super cute with one of Toxxic’s skins that she made for Catwa.  And, as if it weren’t cute enough – this static head is only L$400, AND you can get L$100 back in store credit if you’re wearing the Catwa group or Catwa Head Friends group tag.  (Just make sure you use the right vendor for the right tag to get your store credit!  She’s got them clearly labeled.)

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We Can Only Get Brighter…

I’m standin’ in the flames
It’s a beautiful kind of pain
Settin’ fire to yesterday
Find the light, find the light, find the light


It’s been a crazy ride.  And I have the migraine from hell today, so please forgive me if I’m neither deep nor witty today.  Lol.

Basically I’m super far behind blogging on Penumbra Spring/Summer ’15 Fashion Week stuff, and so I’m trying to sort through everything in my inventory that I’ve been sent or pulled out of the group.  Be prepared to be inundated with awesome things you can continue to get over the next few days.  Be sure to check out the official schedule in one of my recent posts – HERE – to get to the remaining shows for this wonderful event.

Last night I showed you a lingerie set from Supernatural, and I have to admit this was a new store for me.  I hadn’t heard of it before until I was setting up my stall on the Fashion Week sim (Zanze Provocateur is there as a designer as well!  So I’ve been busy!)  and Supernatural is the stall next to me.

When I finished setting up my beachy/boardwalk style stall, I admittedly cammed next door to see what she was working on and saw her ad pictures.  I love taking pieces and throwing them together in ways that may not utilize the whole boxed outfit, but work together for my particular style of dress and also show the work of the designer.  When I saw the Judy outfit, I knew I was going to do that with this vest.  The tunic-style vest originally goes over a bra and panties, but I grabbed it and off I went to create my outfit.


I admittedly was wearing a pair of my own pants from one of my releases at Penumbra Fashion Week, from my Torrance outfit.  Harem-style pants just looked comfy to me, and with the headache I’ve got, comfy was a must.  At least for pants.

And yessssterday while I was having a conversation with the amazing Kiddo Oh of Dead Dollz, I got tossed a folder.  Of course, getting pretties from Kiddo is always awesome, so my reaction was, “Ooo what’s this?”  And it’s the top she just released at The Fantasy Collective that opened today.

Next stop was Cosmetic fair, cause I’m a slacker… it’s been open for the last 5 days and I just now got there.  Nuuna is one of my favorite avant garde type makeup artists, and when I found that she was selling Lelutka appliers for designs I hadn’t seen yet, it led me back to her store to pick up this new eye makeup that I just LOVE.  Another new designer to me, Moon Amore, was the source of this pretty killer hand tattoo.  To finish everything off, cause I felt naked without a bracelet or shoes or something, I grabbed some of my favorite rings from Formanails and some new anklets from Promagic, an awesome go-to store for most of my footwear needs, since she caters to more than just shoes… and I hate wearing actual shoes 90% of the time.

And thus, here we go.  In my true semi-boho nature, this hair from Truth of course screamed, “You must buy me!”  And the bindi in the center of my forehead was an awesome little find at Cosmetic fair from Kibitz.

I’m sorta super excited with how this all came out… and I like wearing it around.


*~* We Can Only Get Brighter… *~*

Shape: MINE
Skin: Alice (Lovely Day; Artic Tone; Makeup Option 1) – Glam Affair
Eyes: Hope Eyes (Fjord) – IKON
Hair: Celeste (Ligh Blondes) – Truth Hair  **recent release**
Body: Lara Mesh Body (current version 3.3) – Maitreya
Hands: Avatar Enhancement Hands (Elegant) – Slink
Feet: Avatar Enhancement Feet (High) – Slink
Nailcolor Applier: Monochrome Set – Nailed It
Eye Makeup: Mya Makeup (Grey) – Nuuna
Teeth: Open Mouth Pro (w/ Piercing) – PXL Creations
Hand Tattoo: 90’s Hand Tattoo – Moon Amore  @ Cosmetic Fair
Top: Missandei Top (Black) – Dead Dollz  @ The Fantasy Collective
Vest: Judy Tunic – Supernatural  @ Penumbra S/S ’15 FW
Pants: Torrance Pants (Black) – Zanze Provocateur  @ Penumbra S/S ’15 FW
Forehead Bindi: Bindi #12 – Kibitz  @ Cosmetic Fair
Nosering: Cihuapilli Nose Piercing – Soedara
Hand Rings: Accessoires Unisex Elegant (Black) – Formanails
Anklets: Girly Anklets (Black) – Promagic

Pose (photo 1): various from Morphine (now closed)
Pose (photo 2): various from Agapee
Pose (photo 3): various from oOo Studio

Location: Salt Water

Blogging Tune: “Beautiful Pain” – Eminem ft. Sia