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Confession .241. Are We Holding The Promise Yet To Come?

Here we stand at the Genesis
As the world is awakening
A new day will start again
Here we stand at the Genesis…

Confession .241.  Are We Holding The Promise Yet To Come?

As you may or may not be aware, February 1st, 2019 is National Wear Red Day, as a part of the Go Red For Women campaign supported by the American Heart Association.  Heart Disease is the number 1 killer of Women, and today i’m going to talk a little bit about it, and the Go Red For Women Movement.  If this isn’t your thing, then feel free to scroll down to the credits and i’ll see you next time.  ♥

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Confession .238. And I Hope It Hurts Like Hell…

i know i’m messing up Your mind…
The Devil got You good this time…
And i hope it hurts like hell…

Confession .238.  And I Hope It Hurts Like Hell...

Some know what’s coming… some have no idea… either way, welcome.  ♥

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Confession .234. I See That Look In Your Eyes, It Makes Me Go Blind…

Feel the fury closing in, all resistance wearing thin
Nowhere to run from all of this havoc
Nowhere to hide from all of this madness, madness, madness
Madness, Madness, Madness

Confession .234.  I See That Look In Your Eyes, It Makes Me Go Blind...

This song!  Then again, i find myself obsessed with just about everything Ruelle, Svercina, and Fleurie lately… which is alllll Nova’s fault for getting me into Shadowhunters in the first place.  Powerful, dramatic music with even more powerful female vocals… *swoons*

So much so i’m putting this particular song on stage in January!

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Confession .229. Integrity, Faith, and Crocodile Tears…

i can’t breathe, i can’t be
i can’t be what You want me to be
Believe me this one time
Believe me

Confession .229.  Integrity, Faith, and Crocodile Tears...

When it gets cold in the South, that’s when you know winter is ‘officially’ here.  When i, in Southern Alabama, get cold, that means it’s winter.  -laughs-  And my favorite Papillon market sim just changed over to winter and snow this week as well, so that’s what came as the inspiration for this photo.

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Confession .218. Are We Too Far Gone?

Can we come back from this, Can we come back from this?
Put the pieces back where they belong
Can we come back from this, Can we come back from this?
Or are we too far gone?

Confession .218.  Are We Too Far Gone?

“I should have seen the warning, this heavy weight inside my chains.  I should have told You sooner.  Thought that I could wait instead.  Can we stay here together, waiting for answers, and figure out which way we should go?  Is it out of our hands?  Or do we still have a chance if we hold on til the last of our hope?”

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Confession .209. I’m A Survivor In More Ways Than You Know…

All the pain and the truth, I wear like a battle wound
So ashamed, so confused, I was broken and bruised
Now I’m a Warrior – now I’ve got thicker skin
I’m a Warrior – I’m stronger than I’ve ever been
And my armor is made of steel – you can’t get in
I’m a Warrior – and you will never hurt me again…

Confession .209.  I'm A Survivor In More Ways Than You Know...

Please be aware, what I’m talking about today has to do with the themes of rape, sexual assault, violation of consent, other forms of domestic and sexual violence, and suicide.  If these are triggers for you, you may not wish to proceed further.

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Confession .203. But The Static Still Cracks In My Veins…

My brain is poisoned and I’m searching for the antidote
But every time I find it
My defenses scream, “Oh no you don’t!”

Confession .203.  But The Static Still Cracks In My Veins...

Those of you who know how much I relate to music and follow my Facebook may have seen this particular post coming.

On August 1st, Gabbie Hanna (TheGabbieShow) released a Youtube Video called “Roast Yourself Harder Challenge (Diss Track!!!!!)” framing the video as another attempt at her ‘roast yourself challenge’ video now that she had more fuel for her self-disses.  But about 2 minutes and 30 seconds in… it gets real… and deep… and dark.  And while she’s describing her relationship with the Youtube Sphere and being a social media influencer, I find that it screams my heart for what it’s like to be a blogger in SL.  So today’s post will be the lyrics from that point onward… and the video will be embedded below for you to listen to the whole thing if you want.  I heavily recommend it… it’s crazy good.

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