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Confession .348. You Don’t Even Know Me…

You don’t know a thing at all
You don’t know about the way I am when I am all alone
You don’t even know
Where I care, the way I’ve grown
You don’t know about the way I love so deeply to my bones
You don’t even know me…

Confession .348.  You Don't Even Know Me...

I’ve been thinking a lot about situations I shouldn’t be thinking about lately, which is of course an awesome thing, right? -insert eyeroll here-

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Confession .16. I Rarely Wear Shoes

We’ll be lacing the same shoes
That we’ve worn through
To the bottom of the line…

Roman Holiday

“We’ll be looking for sunlight, or the headlights, til our wide eyes burn blind.  We’ll be lacing the same shoes that we’ve worn through to the bottom of the line.  And we know that we’re headstrong, and our heart’s gone, and the timing’s never right.  But for now let’s get away on a Roman holiday.”

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