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Confession .166. What Aspergers Feels Like…

I’m not a stranger to the dark
Hide away, they say, cause we don’t want your broken parts
I’ve learned to be ashamed of all my scars
Run away, they say, no one will love you as you are…

Confession .166.  What Aspergers Feels Like...

A lot of you reacted well to the last post I put up… giving you an insight into my brain when it comes to anxiety and when I’m feeling anxious… how that affects me… and why my behavior patterns might not seem normal to you, but they are very normal to me, giving what’s going on in my mind at that time.

Because of this, I thought I’d let you take a peek into the other bit of myself that affects me deeply… I’m an Aspie.  As a bonus, you’ll see my anxiety make a guest appearance as well.

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Confession .160. It’s Funny How A Crowded Room Can Feel So Damn Alone…

These days are slow, but the night moves way too fast
Need to know You want me here before I ask…

I went to Tannenbaum for a tree… I literally just went for the tree… and wound up with the tree, the decorations… the hair… the face makeup… and other stuff that I’m not even wearing at the moment.

And all I did was go for a damn tree.

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Confession .152. One Of The Only Girls That I Love, Dat My Main…

So all you haters lookin’, you could try tonight
Cause I’m down for whatever when she’s by my side
Dat my main one, dat my main one
And we’ll always be down for life…

Confession .152.  One Of The Only Girls That I Love, Dat My Main...

“Ladies, do we sell water in this bar?”
“Hellllllllllllll nah!”

This song has been on repeat since Saturday night… so of course it showed up on this post.  Though it would’ve been better in a post WITH my main one.  Haha.  But that’s kinda what this post is about…

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Confession .142. Burn Our Troubles, Inhale Them All…

I can tell you what it feels like
To lose your home on a cold night
Can you see the blood in my red eyes?
Have another toke, we’ll forget life…

Confession .142.  Burn Our Troubles, Inhale Them All...

“We can bottle up our fear, brew a taste so sweet, knock us off our feet.”

The particular video of this song that I’m watching while I’m writing this has been out since July of 2016.  So my only question is…

WHERE THE HELL WAS I?!  I’m LOVING this song, and it’s been on repeat all night, hence it has managed to permeate this blog post.  Sorry, not sorry.

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Confession .133. You’re The Last Of A Dying Breed…

You were too good to be true
But what’s inside you, but what’s inside you…

Confession .133.  You're The Last Of A Dying Breed...

Today I want to have a chat about Maxwell Graf.  You may or may not have heard that name before.  He’s the creator behind the store Rustica.  Maybe that rings a bell for you now?  But even if it doesn’t, I urge you to continue reading.

Max is in need of our help… and here’s how some of the most brilliant minds in Second Life are joining together to provide some aid.

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Confession .103. I Just Wanna Dance With Somebody…

I’m sorry I’m not the most pretty…
I’ll never ever sing like Whitney…
But I still wanna dance with somebody…

Confession .103.  I Just Wanna Dance With Somebody...

I was told in a discussion earlier that a different color of this makeup I was wearing made me look like Effie Trinket from Hunger Games?  I’ve admittedly never read the books or seen the movies (*ducks*), so I had to Google her and decided to adjust the makeup accordingly to make the look a little more true to her.

For someone who hasn’t seen it, I’d like to think I did decently.  And it was a fun way to give this styling a sense of purpose, aside from “These are all pretty things!”

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Confession .85. I’m Jealous; I’m Over-Zealous…

I’ve got issues, You’ve got ’em too
So give them all to me and I’ll give mine to You
Bask in the glory of all our problems
Cause we’ve got the kind of love it takes to solve them
I’ve got issues, and one of them is how bad I need You…

Confession .85.  I'm Jealous; I'm Over-Zealous...

So I’m sitting in a discussion right now – I’m seeing a pattern of blogging in the background during discussions lately… I’m sorry!  But I’m sitting in a discussion right now, and I’d even typed the title of this post and chosen the song before I hopped over here… only to find myself discussing one of the very words that I chose to use…


Basically, a more positive way to be called pushy, or – as the discussion topic brought up – a bitch.

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Confession .71. She’s The Last True Mouthpiece

No Masters or Kings
When the Ritual begins
There is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin…

Confession .71.  She's The Last True Mouthpiece

So, I found this cover today.  Ellie Goulding’s voice and this song?  *Swoons*

Anyway… sorry… where was I?  Oh yeah!  Cute things and black-and-white goodness!

I mentioned in my last post that Astralia was one of my newest sponsors.  In my small hiatus, I gained a few amazing sponsors that have trusted their creations to me, and I couldn’t be more grateful.  In this post, I’ll be introducing a few more of those to you: Kenny Rolands, Glamistry, and Facade.

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Confession .25. You Only Call Me When It’s Half Past Five

But You want a little company
And You just really wanna thrill seek
Said You left [her] for good this time
Bullshit, what Your friends do, spill beans?

Confession .25.  You Only Call Me When It's Half Past Five

I’m welcoming sponsors to my nuthouse today!  Both of which I’m SUPER excited about.  One of whom I’ve actually blogged for once since they became a sponsor but I never officially said “Hey, welcome to Tivi’s House of Crazy,” so I figured I’d do that with both today.

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Confession .11. My Body Is Trying To Kill Me

The fire used to burn, and the words used to hurt
But you’re not like us, you are different
I couldn’t see that that was a compliment


My body is trying to kill me.  However, if you remotely pay attention to my Facebook, then you likely know the mess that’s been going on.  My apologies for not being around much.  I’m slowly sorting through my objects folder with stuff from sponsors, Fantasy Faire, and other craziness.  There’s so much.  I’m so sorry that I’m such a disorganized mess lately.

Let’s recount how my life has gone since the last time I blogged… on the 8th…

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