Peace On Earth Hunt 9

Last Updated: 12/26/2016

This has been a few days in the making, but it’s finally here!  The website version of the hint notecard.  ❤

Remember, this year, there is NO DISTANCE REQUIREMENT, so you may have to look a little farther… HOWEVER, hints were mandatory, so you will have some help getting you there.  🙂

LANDING POINT: POE 9 Landing Point
Here you will find a small little winter scene with a board to join the Hunters’ group, a board to grab this Hint list, and a place to donate to the hunt.  Our vendors are not charged anything to participate in this event, and you are not charged anything for their gifts, and people have asked how to ‘donate’, so there you have it.  Any lindens collected will go to finish out the parcel rental for the remainder of the hunt, and anything left over will be funneled to the Eta Sigma Delta SL sorority to be used towards one of their Philanthropy donations.  ❤

#001: Purplemoon Creations
Hint: Look for the oriental lady laying by the lake.

#002: Celestina’s Weddings
Hint: Her name is from Game of Thrones.

#003: Entice
Hint: As long as you are standing by the subscribo, you might as well join it!

#004: Lyrical B!zarre Templates  *3 Globes at this location*
Hint for Globe 1: Tucked between gifts, with Prisilla watching over me.
Hint for Globe 2: Gingerbread men never give me a fright.
Hint for Globe 3: Patiently waiting for the train to take me to Santa!

#005: Prism Designs (by Journey)
Hint: I make beautiful music when you play me.

#006: Prism for Men
Hint: Close to Leroy vendors.

#007: Prism Designs by Jezzixa Cazalet
Hint: Did you know that Jezzixa’s designs are available on Marketplace?

#008: Snowpaws  **Updated 12/7/16**
Hint: What’s in a name?

#009: [kusshon]
Hint: Search near Barcelona, classic since 1929.  Straight ahead.

#010: Posh Pixels
Hint: The tree is trimmed and the gifts are wrapped.

#011: %Percent Furniture & Lighting
Hint: I sat next to my sweetie and looked up at the star.

#012: AlaFolie
Hint: It won’t wake you up anymore.

#013: ALIUD
Hint: We love balloons!

#014: Spyralle
Hint: Find shelter in the storm.

#015: Tahoma
Hint: Only the raven knows.

#016: SKIP

#017: OMG! Inc
Hint: It is getting ‘Fierce’ around me!

#018: LUNA Body Art
Hint: Fresh donuts and hot coffee.  What else?

#019: Purple Moon Seasonal
Hint: I love the cute owl pillows, and you?

#020: [[Massoom]]
Hint: Sexy knows no season, but winter is the best.

#021: *Glitter
Hint: Search the candles lights and you will find it.

#022: [CIRCA] Living
Hint: It’s mighty comfy under this Bungalow blanket.

#023: KL Couture
Hint: Find your treasure.

#024: Ghee
Hint: Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home.

#025: Myth
Hint: I am in good company with the other blue balls around me.

#026: Sascha’s Designs
Hint: Find me at the Finesse wheelhub.  🙂

#027: Supernatural
Hint: Look for the atom, and you will have a surprise.

#028: Styles by Danielle
Hint: Look for Love and Bow.

#029: White Widow
Hint: Being by Midnight in Paris is the key.

#030: Artis
Hint: I’m with the gifts.

#031: Broken Creek Decor
Hint: Come inside to find the globe by one in the lotus pose.

#032: Dench Designs
Hint: Walk straight ahead into my store and I ‘Welcome’ you.

#033: Flippant
Hint: Ring bell for service.

#034: Melodic
Hint: Such a lovely plant.

#035: Poses With Attitude
Hint: Meowwy Christmas!

#036: Shine by [ZD]
Hint: Upstairs, Fairylights and crown will guide you.

#037: Sweet Tea Couture
Hint: Oh look!  That sign says there’s more upstairs!

#038: True North Designs
Hint: WOW!  I’m so high, I’m on top of the North!

#039: Zinner Shapes
Hint: I’m resting comfortably.

#040: ALTER  *3 Globes in this location; 2 for women, 1 for men*
Hint: See in-world hint giver.
Women Globe 1 Hunter-Provided Hint: i like NEW!
Women Globe 2 Hunter-Provided Hint: orlando is holding me!  i like shoes from monaco

#041: SKIP

#042: Ever An’ Angel
Hint: I’ve got the whole world in my hooves.

#043: EFM
Hint: Servin’ up some Peace.

#044: MOoH!
Hint: The gift will be found by popular demand.

#045: Pixel Purrrfect Productions
Hint: Peace is a Gift!

#046: Slipper Originals
Hint: Pucker Up!

#047: Deluxe Body Factory
Hint: Have a seat.

#048: Emerald Couture
Hint: Emerald has the world on her hand.

#049: Glitterati by Sapphire
Hint: Simone loves her brick and gold jumpsuit.

#050: L.A. Bos
Hint: Santa came.  Check under the tree.

#051: Marquesse Pret a Porter
Hint: How long does it take to make a worldround tour with a car?

#052: Park Place Home Decor
Hint: You’ll find peace under the poinsettas.

#053: Razmataz
Hint: Unicorns are peaceful creatures.

#054: Silvan Moon Design
Hint: The Moon Shines brightly here.

#055: TASHI
Hint: I Want Candy!

#056: SKIP

#057: Always Design
Hint: Most people love red roses.

#058: Ashbury Designs
Hint: I love Paris!  Especially on top of the Eiffel Tower.

#059: Couture Chapeau
Hint: A hunter’s best tool.

#060: B&T Atelier Mesh Studio
Hint: Oh Tannenbaum, oh Tannenbaum, wie grün sind deine Blätter (Oh, Christmas Tree.)

#061: B&T Mesh Studio Male
Hint: O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree.

#062: SKIP

#063: SKIP

#064: Image Factory
Hint: The whole world gots your back.

#065: La Boheme
Hint: Nothing here but us stars.

#066: SKIP

#067: Magic Avi Shapes
Hint: Our Store Policy is Magic.

#068: Sweet Evil
Hint: New!

#069: Bound Chaos
Hint: Under the golden heart, you will find me.

#070: Dulce Secrets
Hint: A frosted green ring never ending invites you to a wall of gardener’s delight with birds of such delight!

#071: Grumble
Hint: Oh, Christmas Tree.

#072: Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
Hint: Have a seat and try on some of my lovely flats!

#073: Moondance Boutique
Hint: Our world would not be what it is without the Rares flowers of all.

#074: Tipsters
Hint: To achieve peace on earth, we all need a good group of helpers.

#075: Zen Creations
Hint: I have a pen, I have an apple, unh, apple pen.  I have a pen I have pinapple, unh, pinapple pen.  Apple pen, pinapple pen, unh… pen pinapple apple pen!

#076: Y o k a n a
Hint: The cat sleeps happy!

#077: Tantalum Jewelry
Hint: Looking down from the Moon, Earth looks so peaceful.

#078: PixelArt Pose Props
Hint: Don’t make a scene, there will be peace on earth.

#079: [House of Ruby]
Hint: Pink Glitter shines!

#080: Ample Avi
Hint: Today, just take time to smell the roses.

#081: Dixie Dandelion
Hint: I love snowflakes.

#082: Eclectica
Hint: Trip the Light fantastic.

#083: Out of Orbit
Hint: Somewhere over the _______ blue birds fly.

#084: Prim Pile Creations
Hint: On Christmas morning when they wake up, the first place they go is never the bathroom.

#085: The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee
Hint: Tiny Reindeers watch over.

#086: Eye Candi
Hint: If you apply yourself, you will find the globe.

#087: Beloved Jewelry
Hint: Jewels in Globes & Globes on Bows

#088: Cream Spaghetti Hair
Hint: I’m back in the house.

#089: SKIP

#090: *Finishing Touches*
Hint: Come sit beside the fire.

#091: Creative Mime
Hint: Is there a better place to leave a Christmas Gift?  Oh!  And avoid train accidents!

#092: G Sloane
Hint: Hold on, or you might fall down after you’ve gone up.

#093: Luziefee
Hint: Coffee anyone?

#094: Palette
Hint: Don’t drop me.

#095: Storyteller
Hint: My target this month is to clear this book list before the end of the year.

#096: I C O N I C  D E S I G N S
Hint: Brushes Are Dripping Clean Up the Spill

#097: Angel Fae Boutique
Hint: Under the tree.

#098: REA
Hint: Help!  I’ve fallen up the stairs and now I’m stuck in the corner.

#099: Ab.Fab
Hint: Cutest Xmas Bambi ever inside the shop!

#100: Fantasy China
Hint: I do have colorful color.

#101: Get Jiggy Inc.
Hint: Keeping warm with the denim.

#102: Mystic Dragon Designs
Hint: A fountain replaces Atlas.

#103: Shoe-dicction  **Updated 12/26/16**
Hint: To be or not to be a Christmas Skeleton!

#104: Wood Works
Hint: You won’t find me by clicking your red shoes, but being ‘Home’ is always ‘Sweet’.

#105: Elegant Daydream Gardens
Hint: You can rez all the demos on this terrace.

#106: An Lema
Hint: To hold peace in your heart is to hold the world in your hand.

#107: Second Shapes
Hint: Do you feel lucky today?

#108: * The Emporium *
Hint: Pink, teal, red, or gray?  Which shall I pick?

#109: ~Ladies’ Pleasure~
Hint: Simple as ABC

#110: Chateau Couture
Hint: Meowwwwww… I don’t think this purrfect gift will fit me.

#111: Facepalm
Hint: With the sweet comes the sour.

#112: *Inkheart*
Hint: Humm, I can’t get enough of cupcakes.

#113: Robbie Roo’s Whatchamagoos
Hint: Oooh, I can see my best friend Venus’s house from here!

#114: Timeless Designs
Hint: I’m hidden in something ‘huge’.

#115: Dreamscapes Art Gallery
Hint: Have a rest and relax on the couch!

#116: Get Frocked
Hint: A Candle above will light the way to find the gift.

#117: K Creations
Hint: I love the decoration of Christmas.

#118: A&R Haven
Hint: Big cat is waiting for you by the Shinto Gate.

#119: Dusti’s Odds & Ends
Hint: I’m tucked away for a warm cozy slumber in a nice color of plaid.

#120: Ink Blots
Hint: Even in a BLIZZARD there is Peace on Earth.

#121: Lemonade Couture
Hint: Deck The Halls.

#122: Sanna – Science and Art
Hint: Magic Dreaming at my Christmas Wonderland!  And… not only Angels wear wings.

#123: Tylar’s Treasures
Hint: I hope he proposes tonight!

#124: Bug-A-Bee
Hint: Bubble Bubble Mermaid Trouble

#125: Hang’R
Hint: There’s something about bunniehs’ bones…

#126: Lunar Seasonal Designs
Hint: Watch out for little guy who lives in the catcus!

#127: Wilson’s Designs
Hint: I always thought this was an elegant hunt, so climb to the 3rd floor and it will be there waiting for you.

#128: Freya’s Fashions for Mesh Bodies
Hint: Rudolf and his friends are missing!

#129: SKIP

#130: Aleutia
Hint: Amid the boughs of a favorite Christmas classic.

#131: Brocade Tiger
Hint: I am part of a shapely collection.

#132: SKIP

#133: ShuShu
Hint: Look for a bookcase.

#134: ALB Dream Fashion
Hint: Globe you will find near the Advent Calendar

#135: Matahari Style
Hint: Might need to step up and get your skates on for this one!

#136: J&W Jewelry  *3 Globes at this location*
Hint for Globe 1: Take a seat… enjoy the view… feel the warmth of the candles…
Hint for Globe 2: The boss sits here and HELPS the customers…
Hint for Globe 3: Up up up the stairs to the fun part of the store.