Peace By Peace Hunt 3

Last Updated: June 15th, 2019

Here it is!  The official list for Peace By Peace Hunt 3!  Please note, a couple of our Designers are marked Skip for now due to technical difficulties.  They WILL be set up for you shortly, so please circle back if you’re zealous and finish the hunt all before they get the issue resolved.

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#01: %Percent Furniture & Lighting
Hint: Meet my friends… Zig and Zag.

#02: Dench Designs
Hint: Outside we go because Rain or Shine its Caravan Time

#03: AlaFolie
Hint: The rose suits him well

#04: Wendy’s Whimsy
Hint: I didn’t know bunnies had their own language!

#05: SKIP

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#06: Park Place Home – SKIP (for now, this WILL be ready soon)

#07: Mara’s Mysteries
Hint: Kitties! Kitties! Everywhere Kitties! But only one Kittie is PINK

#08: True North Designs
Hint: ‘Oh geeze, fish, and frogs, and water everywhere.. no wonder I’m wrinkling up!’

#09: SKIP

#10: Wilson’s Designs
Hint: Don’t forget to put a bow on it

#11: Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
Hint: Aleta peace in the world helps us all!

#12: Luziefee
Hint: Tired? Get some coffee!

#13: Salacity
Hint: If you’re puzzled, a peaceful way to think of a solution is a long, hot bath.

Hint: Even if it’s not Christmas you will find me between Xmas balls

#15: Prim Pile Creations
Hint: This morning as I stand looking into the mirror, I am puzzled by where I may find the treasure I seek today.

.::| Vendors |::.

#16: Spyralle
Hint: Blue marks the spot!

#17: Palette
Hint: Lets have a Luau on the Rocks

#18: [CIRCA] Living
Hint: Enjoy lounging with Hawaiian flair during your beach life!

#19: LUNA Body Art
Hint: Redelivery?

#20: Art & Fashion
Hint: In our Gardens… a pierced heart! Find it! 😉

#21: Dark Intentions
Hint: With Friends and a BBQ’ed Steak

#22: Changed Seasons
Hint: Everyone watches these to get lucky, will you?

#23: Beloved Jewelry
Hint: Look on the table.

#24: SKIP

#25: NUTS Inc.
Hint: Oh look, Ria has a new meshbody size

#26: Glitterati By Sapphire
Hint: Keep collecting gifts!

#27: Shinu Made
Hint: Rabbits will help you to find me. some will be happy to, some will spook you. A very lazy one will show you the path, but the bright one is witch your prize will hide

#28: Steaming Ahead
Hint: I should have a good view from here

#29: Southern Sass
Hint: Sometimes you need a top-up.

#30: Modern Nostalgia
Hint: Just Hanging around the plants

#31: SKIP

#32: Flowers & Things
Hint: I love watching squirrels

#33: Baby Ghee (use the teleporter to get to Baby Ghee from the Landing Point)
Hint: Traveling fast to the beach! I feel in Route 66

#34: House in the Sun
Hint: In the presence of diana herself you will find the missing piece

#35: Zickenkiste
Hint: Enjoy the smell of Spring Flowers!

#36: SKIP

#37: Couture Chapeau
Hint: Find me near the last BLow!

#38: Khargo
Hint: HANG around this item and find your prize!

#39: SKIP

#40: ML Fashion
Hint: I´m not sure if i need water

#41: PeachyKeen Gachas
Hint: Does There Always Have To Be A Random?

#42: Jezzixa Cazalet for Prism Designs
Hint: My Snail, she moves soooooo slow.

#43: MELANGE Inc.
* The hunt board and hint giver are inside the first large building in front of you when you land.
Hint: Join Us On Faceebook!

#44: SKIP

#45: Ink Blots
Hint: Sitting out on the porch, the view is very PEACEFUL

#46: SKIP

#47: The Style Loft
Hint: Tag! You’re It! I GACHA!

#48: SKIP

#49: JR Wolf Creations
Hint: It’s all in the palm of your hand!

#50: SKIP

#51: Dream Factory – SKIP (for now, this WILL be ready soon)

#52: Off the Wall
Hint: Cancer Sucks

#53: Zinner Shapes & Gallery
Hint: I like to meditate by looking at my buddha