Peace By Peace Hunt 2

Last Updated: May 9th, 2018 – changes published

While you all have already been able to hunt since the hunt began on May 6th via the in-world notecard, here is the much-anticipated web version of the Hint List for the Peace By Peace Hunt 2.


#01: Ghee
Hint: A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

#02: Elle Boutique
Hint: You’re doing well
You’re very bright
Your next prize is
Next to a light

#03: Liquid
Hint: Take a gamble to find me

#04: Kaithleen’s
Hint: So much light!

#05: Park Place Home
Hint: It’s so peaceful by the beach!

#06: Taox Tattoo
Hint: It seems that a hunt have sees a puzzle piece in the zone tattoos for women’s legs.

#07: True North Designs
Hint: I love to shower off the sale after a dip in the sea!

Hint: Hinters are Very Important Persons.

#09: Bittersweet + Strange Poses
Hint: You won’t find Harry Potter living under these stairs, but you might find something ELSE interesting!

#10: Drakes
Hint: Repairing Ulfberhts for another raid, even the oath ring he wears are some of the finger parts of his trade.  His embers heart is where you’ll find your puzzle.

#11: Get Jiggy Inc.
Hint: It is too warm to wear these jackets.

#12: Spyralle
Hint: Relax for awhile and have a cup of tea!

#13: %Percent Furniture & Lighting
Hint: Everyone is free!

#14: Poses with Attitude
Hint: Don’t skirt the issue!

#15: LUNA Body Art
Hint: Count the stars



#16: KL Couture
Hint: The D-Ville will lead you to highness.

#17: Mara’s Mysteries
Hint: Bears in Bikinis

#18: Facepalm Clothing Company
Hint: When you Play the Game of Thrones you win or you die.

#19: The Artist Shed
Hint: Pierre will paint you a picture!

#20: SKIP

#21: HHVET Victoriana
Hint: These Boots are made for walkin’

#22: Dench Designs
Hint: Windchimes are the music of summer breezes.

#23: SKIP

#24: SKIP

#25: SKIP

#26: Circa Living
Hint: Drift by the beach with all these summer pretties!

#27: Applique Chic
Hint: Take a rest and find a seat

#28: Ema’s Secret
Hint: I want to be in your group

#29: Grey’s Mind Maze
Hint: When your world falls in pieces love can heal

#30: JR Wolf Creations
Hint: It’s all in the palm of your hand!

#31: Matahari Style
Hint: I love a bit of glitter!  Do you?

#32: Ohemo
Hint: Behind the desk

#33: Luziefee Design
Hint: I’m hiding behind some flowers

#34: PixelArt Pose Props
Hint: I love painting on a lazy summer day!

#35: Pretty Kitty Designs
Hint: If I fits, I sits!

#36: The Mesh (s)hit
Hint: What are you wearing underneath?

#37: Zinner Shapes & Gallery
Hint: I Like Fishes.

#38: SKIP

#39: Cosmos Boutique
Hint: I’m going off to take my Summer holidays on a train

#40: Avada
Hint: While I’m not the Black Panther’s son, we do share our name.

#41: Alli&Ali Designs
Hint: Close to the store directory

#42: SKIP

#43: SKIP

#44: Feyline Fashions
Hint: Pieces, Parts, parts is parts

#45: Maribol Inshan Designs
Hint: To find a puzzle piece you must PLANT the idea in your mind!

#46: Palette
Hint: The upstairs library has more than books

#47: Prim Pile Creations
Hint: I wake up in the morning and grab my coffee.  The in a slight haze stare in the mirror wondering what the day will bring.

#48: Sweet E’s Design
Hint: Who doesn’t love a sale?

#49: The Style Loft
Hint: Mania at Midnight will bring you to the missing piece you seek

#50: Wood Works
Hint: Climbing the ladder usually brings success

#51: Moonstar
Hint: Getting under someone’s feet!

#52: Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
Hint: It’s quite peaceful in PARYS!

#53: Ink Blots
Hint: The Bunny Planter sure looks PEACEful!

#54: Donni’s Dollies
Hint: Better Hurry!  There is a limited number that can be bought!

#55: Beloved Jewelry
Hint: Each Month has a special birthstone

#56: HerArt Backdrops
Hint: Music to my Ears – Be sure to look behind

#57: SKIP

#58: Lurve
Hint: It’s a good way to get war on those chilly nights

#59: NUTS Inc.
Hint: Have a popcorn and don’t forget to inspect the groupgifts!

#60: PeachyKeen
Hint: It is so comfy sitting by the fire

#61: Purple Moon Seasonal Decorations
Hint: Cats, moon, & Stars!

#62: Virus Collection
Hint: Music makes the World Happy

#63: Dark Intentions
Hint: Peace and Tranquility for Hero’s

#64: SKIP

#65: SKIP

#66: Captured Waters
Hint: The skeleton knows

#67: Epicine
Hint: Twinkle twinkle little star…

#68: Jezzixa Cazalet for Prism Designs
Hint: We may all be different fish but at school we swim together!

#69: Gin’s Boutique
Hint: Mirror mirror on the wall, turn around and look at the ground.

#70: JLZ Fashion
Hint: Look for the twinkles

#71: ML Fashion
Hint: Sweets for my sweet

#72: Dream Factory
Hint: Go up the stairs and take a moment to rest

#73: SKIP

#74: AlaFolie
Hint: Somewhere between Ireland and Indonesia

#75: Hogs and Cart Wheels
Hint: Nooo!!  I lost my Peace on the way to the Movies!

#76: Munereia
Hint Male: Keep You warm
Hint Female: Up in the Shelves

#77: OMG! Inc.
Hint: What is the count?

#78: Shinu Made
Hint: Follow the Stars, then find me in a warm and relaxing place

#79: Tidbits
Hint: “Wherever an altar is found, there civilization exists.” – Joseph de Maistre

#80: Eclectic Stars
Hint: I need a cute, breezy dress for summertime!

#81: Daddy’s Choice Designs
Hint: What’s New?

#82: SKIP

#83: Robbie Roo’s Whatchamagoos
Hint: it’s so peaceful here under the water, it must be nice to be a frog!

#84: Dragonmoon Designs
Hint: Where the green grows inside the store!

#85: Sparrow by Design
Hint Women: Find me near something warm and salty, it’s NOT the ocean.
Hint Men: Go and talk to Jim, he’s looking for it too.

#86: Dark Water Designs
Hint: I’m feeling pretty sleepy.  This looks like a good place for a nap.

#87: Sweet Peach Designs
Hint: New releases is where it’s at!

#88: Tipsters Photo Tip Jars
Hint: Aprisl Showers Bring May Flowers… What do May Flowers Bring?  Frogs!  LOL

#89: Dreamscapes Ary Gallery
Hint: Flower Power in the kitchen!

#90: Art & Fashion
Hint: Find the Music nearby and your Precious Gift by Art & Fashion!

#91: Tara’s Creations
Hint: I’m going down to Yasgur’s Farm.  Gonna join in a rock and roll band.  Got to get back to the land and set my soul free.

#92: Simply Shelby
Hint: Solve the puzzle by seeking out the spring fairies.