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Confession .347. I’m Not Leaving Quiet, Babe…

Just set it all on fire and burn down this room
And strip my being to the wires
And I’ll learn to carry it through
But in any kind of way, I’ll make it clear for you
I’m not leaving quiet, babe
So burn down this room…

Confession .347.  I'm Not Leaving Quiet, Babe...

I’m more inspired for photos lately than I am for dance. And that’s saying something… usually I’m brimming with things I want to build or dance – but ever since my surgery it’s like… I don’t have the brain power, or the inspiration, or both. And I’m a little afraid it’ll never come back…

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Confession .255. I’m The Bad Guy, Duh…

So You’re a tough Guy, like it really rough Guy
Just can’t get enough Guy, chest always so puffed Guy
i’m that bad type, make Your mama sad type
Make Your girlfriend mad type, might seduce Your Dad type
i’m the bad guy… duh…

WLRP BDAY 2019 PHOTO CONTEST - Tiviyah Resident

i used to be really into photo contests, especially as i was actively working my ass off to make my photos into something i was proud of.  Now that i’m usually satisfied with the outcome of most of my photos, i’ve allowed my competitive nature to settle the hell down.  i only enter things when i’m inspired – like last year when i put a photo into the Swallow Ears contest… it’s still one of my favorite photos i’ve done in the last little bit.

So i wasn’t planning to enter this contest until i took a walk through the event and heard this song on the radio last night.  Lol.

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Confession .247. Fall On Rosy Thorns For A Taste Of Lethal Bliss…

As i choke on flames, You light up Your torch
Each of my defeats if Your victory
And i walk barefoot on a field of swords
You have Mastered the art of Cruelty…

Confession .247.  Fall On Rosy Thorns For A Taste Of Lethal Bliss...

Ok, after surviving for a week and a half on my “i think this might be a workaround” theory, i can safely say that i think it’s the only workaround i’ve got.  i have to keep my avi logged online, even when i’m afk at night asleep, in order to keep the connection open.  Buuuut by keeping the connection open, i’m not crashing our or anything.  So that tells me the problem was with SL trying to open whatever connection it needed through my ISP – that’s the part that was getting overloaded.  It doesn’t do anything nefarious when it’s actually logged in.  So basically that just means i have to stay logged in.

But i’m game to do that for awhile if it means being able to take photos and get work done on a consistent basis again.  2 months of that was too much.  So please bear with me while i play a bit of catch-up.

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Confession .184. I’m Bad For You, Love, But I’m Your Cigarette…

So go on and smoke that shit, baby…
I know that you know I’m your favorite
Think she’s what you want, but she ain’t it
Watching how my waist whine, tryna touch my waistline
Know I like to take time with it…

Confession .184.  I'm Bad For You, Love, But I'm Your Cigarette...

What?  Deia took 2 photos for a blog post again?  What is this, the apocalypse?  *Grins*

No, no… don’t break out the bomb shelters!  I just got a new toy to play with, so I had to take a couple pictures to see how I liked it.  And I liiiiiiiiike it!  More below!

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Confession .183. Looks Exactly The Way It Did Inside My Head When I Dreamed About It…

I don’t really like anybody
So don’t tell me I’m like anybody else
You put it back together, don’t let it fall apart again
People change with the weather…

Confession .183.  Looks Exactly The Way It did Inside My Head When I Dreamed About It...

I’m still getting back to getting comfortable exploring different style genres and things a little outside the “casual potato/barefooted hippie” vibe my SL normally consists of when I walk around not taking pictures.  Bear with me.  🙂

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Confession .182. Everything I Got, I’ll Give It All…

I’ll take every chance I get
Hold tight every single moment
If there was ever a time for change
Oh, it’s here and now…
And it’s time to soar…

Confession .182.  Everything I Got, I'll Give It All...

What am I doing at almost 4:30 in the morning the day after my wedding?  Blogging, of course!  Cause my flighty muse decided THIS was the moment to have some kind of inspiration.  Of course, I have no explanation for the Fantasy Bohemian Hippie Elf… that one you’ll have to work out on your own.

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Confession .173. Hold Me Tight, Or Don’t…

I got too high again when I realized I can’t not be with You
Or be just Your friend
I love you to death, but I just can’t, I just can’t pretend
We were lovers first, confidants, but never friends
Were we ever friends?

Confession .173.  Hold Me Tight, Or Don't...

I’m back!  Sorry it took me, like, a whole week to get my shit together after my mini-vacation in New Orleans.  It was just such an amazing time, and I came back ready to hit the ground running on some other stuff, I kinda tripped and forgot the whole “take pictures” aspect of my life.  Lol.  Never again!

Well, that’s a lie… I’ll probably flake again at some point.  But never purposely, and never because I don’t love youuuu!

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Confession .170. Someone Take Me Home…

Now tell me: How did my dreams turn into nightmares?
How did I lose it, when I was right there?
Now I’m so far that it feels like it’s all gone to pieces
Tell me why the world never fights fair…

Confession .170.  Someone Take Me Home...

I’ve had these photos for days… and just haven’t known what to write really to go with it.  And I still don’t, really.  So this might be a relatively short post.

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Confession .157. Come Find Me…

We said goodbye, that’s what You told me once
So many times we’ve made our peace
But this is love, I’ll never give You up
I know You’ll always come home to me

Confession .157.  Come Find Me...

I’m being sappy and ridiculous today, so… sorry, not sorry.

Draconis left for a RL business thing for a week on Sunday, and of course because I was pledging, we never really got to sit down and go over anything outside of we always have Kik to stay connected during the day.  We didn’t get to do that whole “let’s spend a shit-ton of time together before I go,” thing either… between pledging and the Thanksgiving holiday.

So I’m being sappy and ridiculous.  And I’m allowed to be today.

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