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Confession .173. Hold Me Tight, Or Don’t…

I got too high again when I realized I can’t not be with You
Or be just Your friend
I love you to death, but I just can’t, I just can’t pretend
We were lovers first, confidants, but never friends
Were we ever friends?

Confession .173.  Hold Me Tight, Or Don't...

I’m back!  Sorry it took me, like, a whole week to get my shit together after my mini-vacation in New Orleans.  It was just such an amazing time, and I came back ready to hit the ground running on some other stuff, I kinda tripped and forgot the whole “take pictures” aspect of my life.  Lol.  Never again!

Well, that’s a lie… I’ll probably flake again at some point.  But never purposely, and never because I don’t love youuuu!

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