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Confession .151. I’d Be All You Need, And You’d Get Drunk On Me…

Maybe if I was a neon light
I’d lead your car right back to my door
Oh, maybe if I was a jukebox needle dropping on a drinking song
You’d want one more
If my name was Whiskey
Maybe right now you’d miss me…

Confession .151.  I'd Be All You Need, And You'd Get Drunk On Me...

There comes a time where you’ve given so much to someone or something, that you have to see if it’s not being reciprocated.  You have to sit back and objectively look at what you’re giving and what you’re getting back from it and question whether the return is worth the effort put in.

And sometimes it will be unbalanced, and that’ll still be ok.  Other times, it will take sitting back and looking objectively at it to see just how much your efforts are being taken advantage of.

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