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Confession .307. Let Me Live In Blissful Ignorance…

You need to get Your conscience clean, but just spare me the details, please
i wanna keep remembering this Perfect Day…
i’m not the type to be left speechless, but i don’t think i can deal with this
It’s all the closure that You’ll get, this Perfect Day…
Justifications veiled as apologies; i don’t wanna cause a scene
Please let me go, i just wanna leave this Perfect Day…

Confession .307.  Let Me Live In Blissful Ignorance...

Lately, i’ve been learning a lot and doing a lot of self-exploration.  i want to share an iteration of a journal entry i wrote recently with Y/you A/all.  i go back and read some of my posts here from this time a few years ago and if Y/you would’ve told me that this is where i’d end up, i would’ve laughed at Y/you.

Things seemed so perfect then…

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Confession .156. Some See Crazy Where I See Love…

I can see a rainbow in your tears as they fall on down
I can see your soul grow through the pain as they hit the ground
I can see a rainbow in your tears as the sun comes out
As the sun comes out…

Confession .156.  Some See Crazy Where I See Love...

Don’t judge me… just cause this Sia song was in a My Little Pony movie doesn’t make it any less a Sia song.  Lol.   I never saw the movie… I just wound up listening to some of Sia’s Christmas songs, went to her channel to see if there’s anything new that isn’t Christmas-y… and found this song.

It just happened to be in a My Little Pony movie.  Lol.

And I’m also behind on Strawberry Singh’s #SecondLifeChallenges, so I figured this would be as good a time as any to try to do another one.

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Confession .148. We Swear We’re Alive, But We’re Falling To Pieces…

We fight like lions, we howl at the moon
We should be flying, instead we bury the truth
But I know inside, we’re beautiful creatures…

Confession .148.  We Swear We're Alive, But We're Falling To Pieces...

Before anyone starts reading and goes to make this comment… yes, I’m aware this is a deer onesie, not a goat.  *laughs*  However, the deer was the closest to a goat in this gacha set, so you gotta bear with me.  I did what I could with what was at my disposal.

Besides, it was only to be smartass-y about this particular topic anyway.  Lol.  Zodiac Signs!

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Confession .146. Half Of My Heart Is In Havana…

Ohh… I knew it when I met him
I loved him when I left him…

Confession .146.  Half Of My Heart Is In Havana...

Camila Cabello is too fucking catchy.  Even if I find a lot of the music base-less and depth-less… I can’t help but listen to it on repeat.  And that’s exactly why you’re getting one of her newer singles in this blog post today. Lmao.

Sorry, not sorry, if it gets stuck in your head.

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Confession .143. Burn My Lungs And Curse My Eyes…

I taste you on my lips and I can’t get rid of you
So I damn your kiss and the awful things you do
Yeah, you’re worse than nicotine…

Confession .143.  Burn My Lungs And Curse My Eyes...

I’d apologize for my embracing the full-on creep-factor of October, but I’m not gonna.  Lol.

Honestly, I don’t even really get that into Halloween in RL, and I usually don’t in SL either… but honestly, it’s these damned eyes, eyeshadows, and lipsticks from Izzie’s in this Powder Pack.  I can’t get enough.  It inspires me to embrace my inner creepy bitch and push the boundaries of what I’m used to styling and posting.

And I can’t say I’m mad at it, really.

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Confession .23. This Is Me… Take It Or Leave It

Just like fire, burning out the way
If I could light the world up for just one day
Watch this madness, colorful charade
No one can be just like me, anyway…


When I did the Roast Yourself challenge a couple weeks ago, I mentioned that I would be dispelling a few myths, and clearing a lot of things up.  Addressing a lot of the stuff I hear about myself daily… things people say to me or about me.  Yes, this is the reality of the SL that we live in, where people are that petty.  I would have thought that after 3 years of my being in the fashion community, people would have found something better to take up their time.

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Confession .22. Roast Yourself Challenge

You’re irrelevant
Like Television
I wouldn’t even watch
From a cell in prison…

Confession .22.  Roast Yourself Challenge

I’m back!  It’s been a hot minute, but I’ll get to that eventually.  For now, I wanted to go at something that will bleed into my next blog post… so I wanted to approach it in a bit of a creative way.  Lately I’ve seen a bunch of my favorite Youtubers take on NigaHiga’s “Roast Yourself” challenge.  I don’t have the bandwidth or internet speed to get a decent kind of recording for a Youtube video, but I still wanted to participate, so I figured I’d do it in blog form.

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