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Confession .360. Alpha Playing Beta Not To Upset Your Ego…

Tried to tell me that I’m nothing
And to know my worth
Well, ‘Big Bad Daddy’, I’m a wolf, yeah…

Confession .360.  Alpha Playing Beta Not To Upset Your Ego...

So… this happened. Lol. Honestly, it’s all Lelutka and Heaux’s fault – I couldn’t possibly see the soft boy skin that Heaux released for the new male Lelutka heads and NOT try it out… then when I tried it, I fell in love, and welp… here we are.

I’ve always had a male look to blog with, but I’ve never had much of a reason to break him out until Lelutka updated their heads. He had a Catwa head on before, bless his heart, and not that I didn’t like it, but I could never really get him the way I wanted him.

So I kinda abandoned the idea of blogging with him.

Lelutka’s new Eon head, however… with Heaux’s Eon skin? YES PLEASE.

So you may see him pop up more often on the page, now that I have an appearance I can work with as a base.

Is soft boy. -nods lots-

Shape || Mine
Head || EvoX Eon Head (v3.1) | Lelutka | new!
Skin || Eon Skin (T3) | Heaux | new!
Freckles || included with the Eon Head in the Add-ons box!
Body Skin || Bold & Beauty Homme (T3) | Bold & Beauty
Hair || Michael Hair (Reds) | Modulus
– When I went in last night, they were advertising a 7 day flash sale, 50% off. The signs didn’t say the dates, but if you hurry, you might still get 50% off hairs there!
Shirt || Jorah Henley (Prussian) | RIOT

* Backdrop || Rainfall City Backdrop | Synnergy
– Both the backdrop and the pose were discounted for Manly Weekend this past weekend, but you should still find it in store for regular price. ♥
* Pose || Vetro Bento Pose 01 | Synnergy
– Pose set includes wire chair!

Blogging Tune || “Alpha” – Little Destroyer

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