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Confession .353. Something Like Freedom…

And it’s safe to say the storm’s gone away
And I’m dancing on the morning after
Yes I’d love to stay, but my home is the other way
And I miss the love and laughter…

Confession .353.  Something Like Freedom...

Mermaid Cove! If you know me and the rest of the #OriginalSirens of Zeta Theta Mu, then you know that we’re all obsessing over this event right now. I’m blessed enough to blog for it, so I’ll be showing you some of the amazing creations that these designers have released for those of us who want to get in touch with our inner-mermaid!

I’ve been staring at this post for almost 24 hours trying to figure out what to say, if anything.

This song has meant so much to me since it was shown to me, that I think I may let it speak for itself today.

Enjoy the tuneage, and the pretties. Hopefully I’ll have more to say next time. ♥

Shape || Mine
Head || EvoX Briannon Head (v3.0) | Lelutka
Face Skin || Lois Skin (Sunkiss Tone) | Heaux | Equal10 | new!
* Lipstick || Mermaid Lipstick | Sunniva | Mermaid Cove | new!
Body Skin || Ipanema Body (Sunkiss Tone) | VELOUR
* Body Scales || Mermaid Body Scales (Black/Fresh) | Sunniva | Mermaid Cove | new!
Hair || Ara Hairstyle (Deluxe HUD) | Doux
* Bodysuit&Pasties || Sea Foam Bodysuit | Eternus | Mermaid Cove | new!
* Back Fins || Halo of Fins | Dreamcatcher | Mermaid Cove | new!
* Choker || Cthulhu Choker | Satan’s Closet | Mermaid Cove | new!

* Pose || Summer Girl 1 | SVP | Mermaid Cove | new!

Blogging Tune || “Breathing Underwater” – Emeli Sande

One thought on “Confession .353. Something Like Freedom…

  1. Sometimes we find ourselves at a loss of words, and that’s okay! Thanks for sharing this beautiful song with us. You look like a stunning lil siren here, Imogen ♥


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