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Confession .352. Cause You’re Amazing Just The Way You Are…

Oh, you know, you know
You know I’d never ask you to change
If perfect’s what you’re searchin’ for, then just stay the same…

Confession .352.  Cause You're Amazing Just The Way You Are...

It WOULD be Pride that gets me back into being inspired for photos. The support of all of these creative talents in our little virtual world just amazes me, and I feel the need to showcase them, as they support me and others like me during this time. ♥

I talked in my last post about how fortunate I was to not have a traumatic coming out story, at least in terms of coming out to my mom. I think my step-dad knows… I openly mention being pan in front of him… but I don’t think he “gets it” or really cares to. But he doesn’t persecute me for it, so, once more, I consider myself fortunate.

I do, however, live in the Bible belt and in the south, so I certainly don’t feel like I get to be ‘out’ in the general public. There’s not outright persecution, because I’m not ‘out’, really, but there’s this… pressure… to just blend in. When I’m dating… date men to ‘look normal’. When I’m talking about who I’m attracted to, celebrity crushes and such… only mention men. After all, I have the ‘luxury’ of being Pansexual, so I can ‘filter’ to appease those who would be uncomfortable with the other parts of me, right?

But why should I have to filter? Why should anyone?

Someone on Facebook the other night mentioned everyone getting hype for Pride, when there’s 12 months/365 days in a year… but sometimes people forget, with how open SL can be, that not everyone has this same luxury in RL. Not everyone can attend pride safely in RL. Not everyone can even be ‘out’ safely in RL. In SL, at least there’s little that someone can do to you physically without extensive effort to FIND you in RL – so there is less fear in being ‘out’ here.

At least, there is for me.

But never forget that not everyone’s RL matches their SL. They might be super out and super proud and super ‘in there’ in SL but have zero support and have to remain closeted in RL. Is their hype in SL during Pride month personally hurting you? No? Then let them be hype. Let them have Pride. Because it might be the only time they GET to have Pride. To be open. To be themselves.

If we’re out here judging each other for how and when we express our Pride, then are we really any different than the rest of the world that already judges us?

Shape || Mine
Head || Evo X Briannon Head (v3.0) | Lelutka
Face Skin || Cara Ipanema’s Pride (Sunkiss Tone) | Heaux | @ Mainstore for Pride At Home!
Freckles || Heart Freckles (PRIDE) | FATHER | Marketplace Pride special!
Body Skin || Ipanema Body (Sunkiss Tone) | VELOUR
Chest Tattoo || I Am Chest Tattoo (Love) | Pecheresse | Pride At Home | free gift @ sim!
Stretch Marks || Belly Stretch Marks | Izzie’s
Hair || Victoria Hairstyle (Deluxe HUD) | Doux | Level Event | new!
Top&Bottom || Bri Bikini PRIDE EDITION (White) | Aleutia | @ Mainstore for Pride At Home!
Choker || Customized Choker | hive | @ Mainstore for Pride At Home!
Necklace || Daisy Necklace (Rainbow) | Rebel Gal | @ Mainstore for Pride At Home!
Nails || Amy Nails (Rainbow) | Ascendant | Anthem | L$50 Pride Item!

Backdrop || Night Parade Photo Booth (Rainbow) | FoxCity | @ Mainstore for Pride At Home!
Pose || Numb 2 | FoxCity | L$75 for Saturday Sale!

Blogging Tune || “Just The Way You Are” – Bruno Mars

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