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Confession .351. Yeah, I Know How To Scream My Own Name…

I take it nice and slow, feeling good on my own
Without you, yeah (hey)
Got me speaking in tongues, the beautiful it comes
Without you, yeah (hey)…

Confession .351.  Yeah, I Know How To Scream My Own Name...

Happy Pride! ♥ I’m still a little MIA right now, but I had to come back and take a photo with some of the L$99 items that Designers have out at their mainstores for Pride At Home!

I think I’ve told you guys before that it took me awhile to come out to my mother as pansexual, because when she explained to me about my sister marrying a woman, she just seemed so… delicate about it. Like it offended her sensibilities but she felt she had a duty to explain lesbianism to her daughter.

I waited until my mom became best friends with my sister’s wife and remained friends even after they got divorced in order to come out to my mom.

After all, she couldn’t hate me for being pansexual if her best friend was a lesbian, right?

Anyway, I’m fortunate enough to not have a traumatic coming out story with the exception of the stress and anxiety I put myself through while trying to decide when was the right time.

I do feel a little unsafe to be ‘out’ in my general area, though. I live in, like, backwoods Alabama. I feel like this is Trump territory where I’d either be preached at or threatened and I’m just not in the mood for either – so I’m thankful to have events within SL where I can just… be myself.

Shape || Mine
Head || Evo X Briannon Head (v3.0) | Lelutka
Skin || Cara Ipanema’s Pride (Sunkiss Tone) | Heaux | for Pride At Home!
Hair || Cece Hairstyle (Deluxe HUD) | Doux | Uber | recent!
Top || Blaze Hoodie (Pride Edition) | COMPLEX | for Pride At Home!
Jeans || Sloane Jeans (Pride Edition) | Frayed | for Pride At Home!
Choker || Customized Choker | hive | for Pride At Home!
Flag || Pride Flag | Space Cadet | for Pride At Home!

Backdrop || Cute Thing (Rainbow) | FoxCity | for Pride At Home!

Blogging Tune || “Love Myself” – Hailee Steinfeld

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