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Confession .346. Pink – It’s Not Even A Question…

Pink – like a deco umbrella
It’s kink that you don’t ever tell her…

Confession .346.  Pink - It's Not Even A Question...


She almost didn’t register that the question was directed at her. She’d gotten so used to different colors and styles that it completely missed her that someone might not be ok with whatever color she’d chosen that day. It wasn’t until she looked up and saw her mother’s gaze trained on her – and most notably her now magenta toned hair – that she even knew she was being addressed.

“Oh… uh. Dyed it. You don’t like it?”

It also hadn’t occurred to her that someone might genuinely dislike a unique color in her hair. The Ringmaster had always had her changing it… cutting it, growing it out, this color for this show, that color for the next. When she left she had to let it grow out for a bit and let it rest just because of how much she’d fried it with temporary color. That’s the only reason it had even been a normal color when she got to Fox Hollow in the first place.

It seemed like mom didn’t want to deal with anything at that moment – after all she’d just tried to intervene in a teenager who’d been drinking at the beach party, and now the bleu cheese fries she’d made seemed to have gone cold.

Nothing like interpersonal teenage issues and cold bleu cheese fries.

Shape || Mine
Body || Lara Body (v5.3) | Maitreya
Head || Evo X Briannon Head (v3.0) | Lelutka
* Skin || Tierra Skin (Caramel Tone) | Glam Affair
* Freckles || included with Tierra skin
* Hair || Flirt Hair (Jewel HUD) | Truth Hair | new!
* Top&Jacket || Spotlight Clubber Top & Leather Jacket | Blueberry | new!

Pose || Smiley 1 (curve) | STUN Poses

Blogging Tune || “Pink” – Aerosmith

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