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Confession .336. I’m A Waiting Pistol Hungry For Skin On Metal…

Venom in your veins always finds a way
It’s the price you pay
When you play with the pain…

Confession .336.  I'm A Waiting Pistol Hungry For Skin On Metal...

i keep a collection of random songs in a Bookmark folder just labeled “Music” that i go back into when i’m looking for stuff to dance to. It’s such a mixture of genres and artists that it would likely make most of you raise an eyebrow. But this is one of those songs in that folder, so enjoy!

It’s not often that i actually talk about products i’m featuring in a post – i usually just kinda talk about life, whether it’s Second Life or Real Life, but today, as i was fitting this set, i have to brag on Salt and this set for a minute.

i’ve had it in my inventory for awhile, but i got distracted in December trying to prep for surgery that i let myself get behind in blogging so i’m playing catch up. Ladies, DON’T SLEEP ON THIS SET!

You might look at the bar and cuffs and collar and how it fits together and think it might be a nightmare to fit, but let me tell you, this was the easiest thing i’ve fitted in a long time. She’s done something brilliant that i just HAD to point out.

The chain/clip that is supposed to connect the wrist cuffs to the bar is it’s own separate piece! That might sound like common sense to some of us, but not every designer of kink accessories would think about something like that. This means that you can fit your cuffs to your wrists and move the clips to fit into the d-rings without having to move the whole bar and worry about keeping it centered/in the right spot.

Fucking brilliant.

It took a whole 2 minutes for me to fit the thing, and for someone who’s lazy like me with prim editing sometimes (blame the years that i had to be ‘prim-perfect’ as a model), i love stuff that’s easy to work with.

Forgive my gushing in this post, but i just had to point that out for any of my kink-friendly ladies that might still be on the fence about purchasing this set. You will NOT regret it.

Shape || Mine
Body || Legacy Body (v1.3) | The Shops/The Mesh Project
Head || Lilly Head (v2.5) | Lelutka
Skin || Ina Skin (Shell Tone) | Heaux
* Hair || Embers (Blonde HUD) | Stealthic
* Top || Secretary Blouse | Salt & Pepper
* Skirt || Secretary Skirt | Salt & Pepper
* Collar&Cuffs&Bar || Secretary Collar & Cuffs | Salt & Pepper

Backdrop || Industrial Loft | Focus Poses

Blogging Tune || “Run Run Rebel” – Hidden Citizens ft. ESSA

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