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Confession .331. I’ll Take Fake Moans And Dial Tones…

i need it digital
Cause, Baby, when it’s physical, i end up alone
End up alone…

Confession .331.  I'll Take Fake Moans And Dial Tones...

And yet… the best line of this entire song? “And will you please pick up the fucking phone?!”

Communication is a HUGE thing for me. i am in desperate need of someone to communicate with me if they intend to get close to me, be it as a significant other or as a friend. Because i can’t pick up nonverbals behind a computer screen (or, in my case, i can’t pick them up very well, in general), i need that verbal, with words, communication to make sure that things are understood.

Especially so that i’m not standing there dressed up for You looking like an idiot. Granted, looking like an idiot to no one but me, but still feeling like one, nonetheless.

Because “my insecurities are hurting me.”

“Know that my identity’s always gettin’ the best of me.”

“i know it’s complicated cause Everyone that i’ve dated says They hate it cause They don’t know what to do with me.”

“Here we go again.”

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Blogging Tune || “3am (Stripped)” – Halsey

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