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Confession .326. Everything Is Never As It Seems When I Fall Asleep…

i’d like to make myself believe
That planet earth turns slowly…

Confession .326.  Everything Is Never As It Seems When I Fall Asleep...

i don’t really have a lot to talk about today, and i’m not sure if that’s because i’m too tired to chat, or if i genuinely don’t have anything to say. i haven’t been sleeping well (thanks, Bipolar), so i suppose i can chat a bit more candidly about that…

One of the ‘fun’ things about Bipolar Disorder is you have states that are either referred to as Mania or Hypomania, depending on the type you have. Because i have Bipolar II, my manic states are referred to as Hypomania, which basically just means they aren’t as bad. i don’t get myself into too much trouble (financially, sexually, etc), and it doesn’t seem to last for as long (a few days).

Basically, i won’t sleep, i feel like i can accomplish absolutely anything, no matter how unrealistic, and i’ll finally crash a few days later and sleep for most of the day to catch up. Some of my manic episodes have been ‘bad’ (for me), but for the most part they’re just irritating because i lose an entire day when they’re done.

This one has been particularly bad for me, because it’s coupling with my anxiety about my upcoming surgery and my self-doubt just from life in general.

And people, generally, don’t really try to understand you when you’re going through something like this. They either cut you off completely or just distance themselves until you’re ‘normal’ again. i have a few notable exceptions who know who they are and frankly they get me through these times in one piece, but ultimately it’s a pretty lonely time.

Anyway… i don’t really know what else i can say today, so rather than ramble, i’ll stop here. (Look, guys, i’m learning! Lol.)

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Blogging Tune || “Fireflies” – Owl City

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