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Confession .323. When I’m Like This, You’re The One I Trust…

i been tryna call, i been on my own for long enough
Maybe You can show me how to love, maybe
i’m going through withdrawals, You don’t even have to do too much
You can turn me on with just a touch, Baby…

Confession .323. When I’m Like This, You’re The One I Trust…

All i want to do lately is take pictures, dance, and talk to a small handful of P/people. Which is unfortunate, because i have a lot of P/people on my list in-world and most of them i just… want to ignore. So… consider this an apology if i’m an asshole lately.

i got my surgery date yesterday. No time yet, but the date… so that’s huge. January 6th. It feels so close and so far away all at once.

i think it’s because i’ve wrestled with this long enough on my own, and then the scare about potentially not being able to get approved for a couple more years… but now that it’s approved and mostly scheduled it makes it real.

Like i can finally get excited about it.

i’ve never been a person to hype something up too much in the beginning stages. i actually lost an SL job once because i didn’t tell my bosses i was applying to work with another company – because i figured 7500 other people would apply and it wouldn’t go anywhere. When i mentioned it, i was in the final stages of interviews and they were very upset that i didn’t tell them sooner. i just didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, or cause the apparent tension that followed for something that could’ve been nothing.

My brain is just wired to see all the ways things can go so very wrong.

But i feel like i can finally let myself get excited about this, and about the changes that will come as a result.

Anyway… because i’ll be doing my pre-op diet and my pre-admit appointment around the holiday time, i figured i’d get started early this year, in case i just lose all energy and desire to do anything there for awhile.

And then of course i’ll likely be taking a break most of January.

Thank you to those who have been coming along on this journey with me. i appreciate Y/you more than Y/you’ll ever know. ♥

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