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Confession .322. You Lift Me Up And I Am Found…

i wanted to play tough
Thought i could do all this on my own
But even Superwoman sometimes needed Superman’s soul…

Confession .322.  You Lift Me Up And I Am Found...

The last couple of posts in here have involved a lot of negativity that has gone on in my SL and my RL in the last year or so. To counterbalance that, i thought today would be nice to do a pretty picture of a pretty awesome Person – not me, the One with me. Lol.

i like to come across as strong. And if there’s anything the last couple of posts in here have told y’all it’s that i have a LOT of moments of varying weaknesses, whether they be physical, mental, or emotional. i don’t like being weak. And even more than that, i don’t like showing that weakness to anyone.

But there’s been a few P/people in my SL that i’ve become tolerant of being weak around. i still don’t like it, but they are non-judgmental and supportive enough that i know when the world is falling apart around me, they’re going to be right there in the thick of it with me, doing anything they can to help.

It’s hard to find P/people like that nowadays, who care about more than just themselves.

i am incredibly grateful to have these P/people in my life. Y/you know who Y/you are, but i’m sure i’ll go about featuring a few more of them in the coming weeks and months if i can tie them to a poseball and keep them from running away…

… i mean, invite them to collaborate. -smiles-

For now, meet my boyfriend. ♥ (No heart attacks from those of you who know my penchant for non-monogamy. It’s a non-monogamous relationship. And He’s wonderful.)

Shape || Mine
Body || Legacy Body (v1.2.1) | The Shops/The Mesh Project
Head || Nova Head (Evolution Line) (v2.5) | Lelutka
Skin || Daisy Skin (Tan Tone) | MILA
Lipstick || Stay All Day Lipstick (Dark) | MILA
* Hair || Fixated (Red HUD) | Stealthic
* Outfit || Adelaide Romper | le fil casse
Earrings || Alexis Earrings | e.marie

* Backdrop || Cozy Balcony | FoxCity | Kustom9 | new!
* Pose || Syncronised Heartbeat | FoxCity | Kustom9 | new!

Location || Home

Blogging Tune || “Helium” – Sia

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