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Confession .318. And You’ll Never Hear All I Wanted To Tell You That Day…

Shut me up, shut me up
You’ll never hear from me again
My lips are sealed, lips are sealed
And You still got glue on Your hands…

Confession .318.  And You'll Never Hear All I Wanted To Tell You That Day...

i was going to write something about the election, but at this point i’m just so tired from the anxiety and the stress, i think i’m just going to leave you with a story from my RL today, a pretty picture, and some credits.

i said this earlier on Facebook, but today i got my first “This post makes me really really sad,” comment from a Trump-supporting family member. The post they commented on? i was asking why i should be ‘kind’ to people who knowingly and willingly put me in danger as a queer woman with their vote for Trump.

She told me i should be kind because that’s how God created us. (i didn’t bother to point out the obvious hypocrisy there of a lot of Trump supporters treating most of us like we’re less-than-human and that’s not exactly ‘kind’… because she’s honestly a pretty nice person, so i can’t lump her in with them. She’s been through a lot.)

i did, however, point out i don’t think i believe in a God that could allow people to treat each other this way. (i’ve been agnostic for a few years now, working out how i relate to the Universe and the idea of a deity, but i’m not really open about that on my RL Facebook.)

My cousin came in and cited several court cases that are the reason myself and people like me are worried about the newest SCOTUS Justice and i thanked her, cause it was much more articulate than i could’ve put it at that hour of the morning. My aunt (the original person who said “This post makes me really, really sad”) commented that she loved me, and i said she does, but others like her don’t, and that’s what makes me concerned for my safety.

She then went on to assert that i should tell her i love her back.

As my aunt, i love her to death. As a woman who’s gone through more than any one woman should, i love her as well. But, again, like i put on my RL Facebook with the photo that i’ve seen several share around SL FB today… you can’t tell someone you love them and then vote for someone who would hurt them.

So i don’t know. As my family, i love her because i’m obligated to. As a fellow human, i would never wish harm on her… but as a queer woman, i don’t know if i can truly say that i love her, because i don’t know if i can truly believe that she loves me.

i think she thinks she does. But if her fundamental morals and values can allow her to vote for a President that has actively encouraged harm on people like me, and would legally do harm to people like me if allowed 4 more years… i don’t know if, deep down, she ACTUALLY does.

Despite Jesus saying to love your neighbor as yourself.

Shape || Mine
Body || Lara Body (v5.3) | Maitreya
Head || Nova Head (Evolution Line) (BOUNDLESS) (v2.5) | Lelutka | update!
– This is my modified shape with the new Boundless version of the Lelutka Nova head v2.5. Lelutka has worked hard in this update for the older heads to make sure that there is a more dynamic way of rigging the heads to allow for deeper customization and more individuality across SL Residents. i’m appreciative of the work put into this update! ♥
Skin || Daisy Skin (Tan Tone) | MILA
Freckles || All Over Freckles (Dark 50%) | MILA
Lipstick || Stay All Day Lipstick (Dark) | MILA
Hair || Carla Hairstyle (Deluxe HUD) | Doux
* Dress || Brielle Dress | le fil casse
* Collar || Maya Collar | Salt & Pepper

Pose || Up Close 6M | Diversion

Location || Elysion

Blogging Tune || “Shut Me Up” – Gabbie Hanna

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