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Confession .317. Congratulations, You Found The One… Another One…

Honestly, I’m happy for You
i do not wish You no harm
i met your {girlfriend}, {she’s} beautiful
Please treat {her} like {she’s} someone…

Confession .317.  Congratulations, You Found The One... Another One...

The transient nature of SL relationships and the intensity of the time able to be spent together in a short period of time in a virtual world like SL (especially now with so many people quarantined) means that people often feel like they’ve found “The One”… several times… and when it doesn’t work out, they simply find another “One”.

i’ve been in SL for about 12 years now, and in that time i’ve been in several collars, and even been married once. i’m not entirely sure that i’ve ever felt like i found “The One” – but perhaps that’s because i’ve had that feeling about someone in my RL at one point that nothing in SL has compared to that.

i sure as fuck came close, though.

And now He has found “The One”… or so He says. All the things we talked about maybe pursuing ‘later’ during the three months we were together, He’s already started with her over the course of four months.

And for a hot minute, i let myself have a pity party… i let myself believe that something was wrong with me, that He didn’t want that with me. That He then gave up on us so easily when i asked to slow down. That He cried to other people about how hurt He supposedly was but jumped into His next relationship within 2 weeks, all while not making even an attempt to reach out to me… but, you know, supposedly so broken up about it, right?

Anyway, you can probably tell the self-pity has turned to a bit of anger. Lol.

Like… fuck that. i’m certainly not perfect, but there isn’t something wrong with me to the point that i’m not deserving of love and caring and affection and those good things that He’s so willing to give to someone else. He just didn’t want to give that to me anymore. And that’s not my fault. That’s His choice, and i can’t keep blaming myself for His choices.

i can’t keep blaming myself to ANYONE else’s choices.

i’ve had some of my lowest moments in a long time behind this Man, and i’m not entirely sure i’m willing to keep putting myself through that for something that may have never even been real to Him.

The fact that it was SO soon after we broke up is incredibly suspicious. Again, i know SL is transient and things move more quickly here, but i guess i’m just not the kind of person who would say the things He said to me and then start another serious relationship 2 weeks after a break-up.

Was i really even someone He loved? Or was that another line?

So, congratulations. You found “The One”. Another one.

Shape || Mine
Body || Lara Body (v5.3) | Maitreya
Head || Nova Head (Evolution Line) (v2.0) | Lelutka
Skin || Saori Skin (Rose Tone) | ItGirls
Hair || Titania Hair (Light Blondes) | Sintiklia
* Top || HBIC Top | Blueberry | new!
* Shorts || HBIC Shorts (High Waisted) | Blueberry | new!

* Dog || Bichon Frise Sitter (Dressed) | JIAN | new!

Pose || Set 10 Pose 3 | Lyrium

Location || Elysion

Blogging Tune || “Another One” – Sam Smith

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