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Confession .316. Can You Make Things Alright?

I don’t know how to face it
I don’t know how to name it
Know who to blame
But nothing seems alright…

Confession .316.  Can You Make Things Alright?

This is always the time of year that i dread – the closer it inches to my dad’s birthday, the more in my feelings i get about it.

It’s been seven years since he passed, and it still feels like it was just a couple months ago. Whether that speaks to unresolved feelings or is just a general part of the grieving process, i’ll never really now, but i’m starting to get sick of falling apart every November.

This isn’t the time of year for me to be in transition with a new therapist either, but yet here we are.

But anyway… here’s a pretty picture from my need to release all of this emotion and play sad songs on repeat.

Shape || Mine
Body || Lara Body (v5.3) | Maitreya
Head || Nova Head (Evolution Line) (v2.0) | Lelutka
Skin || Taylor Skin (Tone 6) | Revoul
* Hair || Forever (Fatpack) | Truth Hair | new VIP gift!
* Top || Irina Blouse | Salt & Pepper | Uber | new!
* Overalls || Irina Overall & Shorts | Salt & Pepper | Uber | new!
Anklets & Rings || Luana Anklets & Rings | RealEvil Industries

Pose || Morning Sun 6 | Diversion

Location || Elysion

Blogging Tune || “Can You Hear Me?” – Anson Seabra

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