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Confession .314. Heaven Gonna Hate Me…

I am not afraid anymore
Standing in the eye of the storm
Ready to face this, dying to taste this, sick sweet warmth…

Confession .314.  Heaven Gonna Hate Me...

If you’ve been here for any length of time, you know decor is not my strong suit, but is something i’ve been trying to improve upon for years now. i think part of it is that i’m so rarely inspired by ‘just’ decor, as opposed to being inspired by fashion, makeup, hair, etc.

But today’s post, however, came easy, and i was truly inspired by the items i put together…

If i’ve said it once, i’ve said it a hundred times, i’m a barefoot hippie. And what do barefoot hippies love in the Fall and spooky season even more than hoodies and hoodie weather? Crystals and magic and everything that the Universe can bring us during this time.

So of course when Dust Bunny with their gorgeous textures brought this set to Epiphany, i had to grab the Fatpack so that i can toss as many of these elements as i want to around my house (you know… when i finally get around to finishing decorating it… snorts…)

But for now, you’re invited to my Crystal Garden Party. ā™„

* Backdrop || Studio Apt | Foxcity | Collabor88 | recent!
Floor || Vizcaya Garden Party Set Glitter Floor | Sayo
Pillows || Vizcaya Garden Party Set Floor Pillow | Sayo
Mannequin || Lunar Craft Cape Stand | Dust Bunny | Epiphany | new!
Table || Vizcaya Garden Party Set Dining Table | Sayo
Box On Pillow || Supply Chest (Brown) RARE | Dust Bunny | Epiphany | new!
Floor Flowers || Lunar Craft Floral Ritual | Dust Bunny | Epiphany | new!
Place Settings || Vizcaya Garden Party Set Dining Set | Sayo
Clear Box || Lunar Craft Crystal Garden (Large) | Dust Bunny | Epiphany | new!
Books & Bottles || Lunar Craft Aromatherapy | Dust Bunny | Epiphany | new!
Wooden Box || Lunar Craft Gem Storage | Dust Bunny | Epiphany | new!
Crystal Ball || Lunar Craft Crystal Ball | Dust Bunny | Epiphany | new!
Flower Centerpiece || Vizcaya Garden Party Set Vase | Sayo
Candles || Vizcaya Garden Party Set Candles & Leaves | Sayo
Moon Display Case || Lunar Craft Crystal Display | Dust Bunny | Epiphany | new!
Large Crystal || Lunar Craft Rainbow Geode | Dust Bunny | Epiphany | new!

Blogging Tune || “Not Afraid Anymore” – Halsey

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