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Confession .313. Let Me Be Your Nightmare…

i’m only a Nightmare when You wake up and i’m not there
You’ll fiend for me cause i don’t play fair
i’ll be the mark You can’t erase
The Demon tapping on Your brain
Let me be Your Nightmare…

Confession .313.  Let Me Be Your Nightmare...

Finally found a bit of October inspiration. Feels good to sink back into the oddity for a bit. -grins-

i can always count on Salt & Pepper to pull me out of any kind of lack-of-inspiration funk i may find myself in. Her designs vary so much because she has talent and skill that can create for multiple different genres. You want spooky? Check. You want sexy? Also check. You want Jessica Rabbit? She’s got that too! Catsuits, leather, latex, and not even just the kinky things. Salt & Pepper also has lots of pretty casuals and flowy spring and summery things.

Ultimately, she appeals to every piece of me, usually when i need it. Whether i’m feeling like the barefoot hippie i usually am, or whether i’m feeling particularly kinky, i can pull something out of my Salt & Pepper wardrobe and feel right at home.

i know i typically don’t ‘review’ products that i’m wearing in a blog post and instead post more narrative stories about what’s going on in life or in my head at the time, but i just felt the need to brag on Salt a bit, cause she’s awesome and so are her creations.

Shape || Mine
Body || Lara Body (v5.3) | Maitreya
Head || Nova Head (Evolution Line) (v2.0) | Lelutka
Eyes || Demon Eyes | Izzie’s
* Skin || Nell Skin (Tone 007) | Glam Affair | Collabor88 | recent!
Eyeshadow || Evening Glitter Shadows (tinted darker) | Izzie’s
Lipstick || Red Lipstick Matte 06 | Izzie’s
Tattoo || Mira Tattoo (Fresh) | DAPPA
* Hair || Paradise (Redheads) | Truth Hair
* Harness&Cloak || Lilith | Salt & Pepper | Satan Inc | new!
Crystals || Kinis Crystals | Petrichor
– In this photo, i used the Animated Starfield, and the Obelisk Float for both hands. There are tons of other options for what to hold in your hands as well as a halo with animated and non-animated versions.

Location || All Hallows 2020

Blogging Tune || “Nightmare” – Besomorph & RIELL

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