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Confession .311. I Wonder When I Love Me Is Enough…

After all the times i went and messed it up
i wonder when i love me is enough…

Confession .311.  I Wonder When I Love Me Is Enough...

As the hurricane ruined my plan for topics inspired by Suicide Awareness Month last month, i’m still going to go over a few things that i wanted to cover then. Tonight, i want to approach something that i still have issues with at times… self-love and being a whole person by myself.

i approached this concept in a journal recently, after i ran across a quote in a submissive’s profile claiming that, “A dominant can not be complete without a submissive. A submissive can not be whole without the right Dominant.”  First of all, just in case any of Y/you are questioning what opinion i hold on this… i find it to be bullshit… so now that that’s out of the way, let me talk a bit about why…

i went on to say in my journal…

“i’m… curious… about what inspires Dominants and submissives to think this way. Since when are we not expected to be whole P/people before trying to get involved with S/someone else? Maybe it’s the egalitarian in me, but i find myself incredibly irritated at how it’s implied in this quote that i have to be weak, broken, and unwhole in order to be worthy of a Dominant’s attention, affection, and collar… why is that ok?

When did we stop encouraging P/people to be whole within themselves, and comfortable with being themselves and being alone and being happy in that aloneness?”

Whyyyyy are we teaching women that it’s ok… and even desirable… to be broken?  i spent a lot of time… and i mean a LOT of time… broken.  Hell, i still find myself slipping back into that broken place every now and again when i come across particularly intense triggers… but why are we teaching women that this is what we should strive to be, in order to be ‘worthy’ of a Man.. or another Person in general?

“How am i somehow less worthy simply because i’m competent and whole on my own? Why does that suddenly mean i don’t need Mastery just as much as the next person?

And what exactly do i have to do in order to be ‘good enough’? Be… more broken? Less whole? Why is that appealing?

i don’t have the answers to any of these questions, and i never thought i’d find myself sitting here feeling like less of a submissive by being a whole person, but welp… here i am.”

Which is what brought me to this song – and this cover because i love Cimorelli.  Like… i wonder when “i love me” is enough.

Shape || Mine
Body || Lara Body (v5.2) | Maitreya
Head || Nova Head (Evolution Line) | Lelutka
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Nails || Glam Nails & Rings | RealEvil Industires

* Backdrop || Surrealism Backdrop | FoxCity | new October 2020 VIP Gift!
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Blogging Tune || “I Love Me” – Cimorelli (Demi Lovato Cover)

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